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Which Hot Tub Colour Is Right for You?

Choosing your hot tub’s colour isn’t a decision that should be made in haste. You’ll need to think about the colour of the shell, cabinet, and cover and how they work together.


The Benefits of Outdoor Entertaining with A Hot Tub

Entertaining outdoors in a hot tub is like chicken soup for the soul. You get the benefits from fresh air, hydrotherapy, and spending time with friends and family.

Why Is My Hot Tub Water Foamy?

Do you ever open your hot tub cover, only to discover foamy water? It’s a common problem, and although it can be a nuisance, there’s a simple solution!


Top 5 Reasons You Should Get a Hot Tub This Christmas

Christmas is coming! Prioritize self-care this holiday season and put a hot tub at the top of your list. There are plenty of benefits to reap!

Featured hot tub

Must-Have Chemicals For Your Hot Tub

If you’ve invested in a hot tub, no doubt you’ll want to take good care of it! A big part of maintenance involves getting the water chemistry right to ensure the water stays clean and clear.

7 ahhhsome hot tub jets

Do Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs Really Work?

Self-cleaning hot tubs are highly efficient, easy to maintain, and utilize advanced technology. But they do require some regular maintenance.

Fall leaves floating in swimming pool water

Extend Your Pool’s Swimming Season

Swimming season doesn’t have to be so short! There are things you can do to extend the life of your pool and maximize the swimming season.


Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hot Tub?

Is your hot tub not working like it used to? Depending on the age and the cost and frequency of repairs, it might be worthwhile to upgrade your hot tub.


Top 10 Hottest Pool Toys & Accessories

Looking to make the most out of your pool this summer? We explore the hottest pool toys and accessories and they’re all affordable, durable, and safe!


Why We Love Small Pools (And You Should, Too!)

Smaller pools are a thing. We explore the upsides: small spas take up less space, require less maintenance, and cost less to operate and heat.

What caused the chlorine shortage of 2021?

Salt Vs Chlorine: Which Is Better?

The two most popular cleaning systems for pools are salt water and chlorine. But which is better? We have a look at the pros and cons of each system.


What To Consider When Buying Your Swim Spa

There are many different types and sizes of swim spas on the market. Narrow down your must-have features before purchasing the swim pool of your dreams!

hot tub jet massage

Why Hot Tub Filtration Matters

An essential part of hot tub maintenance is filtration, which keeps the water clean and clear. We discuss why filtration matters, and the different types.


The Ultimate Pool Liner Buying Guide

Pool liners generally last 8-10 years. We go over some important things to consider when replacing your liner like colour, pattern, texture, and thickness.


Storage Ideas for Hot Tub Chemicals

We’ve put together some ideas for organizing your hot tub chemicals, so they are accessible, orderly, and out of reach for curious children and pets.


7 Essential Hot Tub Accessories

We’ve compiled our top hot tub accessories that will take your spa experience to the next level, and won’t break the bank.


The Ideal Hot Tub Temperature for Hydrotherapy

Determining your ideal temperature is essential to getting the most out of your hot tub. Optimal temperature is especially important if hydrotherapy is integral to your hot tub experience.


Hot Tub Error Codes: What They Mean

Hot tub error codes are great troubleshooting tools if you know what they mean. We go over the most common error codes to watch out for, which are used by most major manufacturers.

Snow on top of pool cover

Pool Recovery After Harsh Winter Weather

Sudden drops in temperature, heavy snow, ice, and high winds can all contribute to pool damage.

Buds Pools Products

How Covid-19 has impacted pool supplies

Getting your pool ready for the off-season every year can be a real pain. Let’s make it easy, while saving money. Here are all the amazing benefits of a safety cover.