Which Hot Tub Colour Is Right for You?

There's a lot to consider when investing in a hot tub. There's size, seating, functionality, and the number of jets. But don't forget to carefully consider your hot tub's colour, which involves multiple parts, including the shell, cabinet, and cover. Your chosen colour should be aesthetically pleasing and hold up against long-term use.

Choosing the colour of your hot tub shell

When considering the colour of your hot tub shell, think about the experience and ambiance you want it to convey. Will you primarily be using it during the day or the night? Will you be using it to relax or splash around with the kids? What are the primary colours in the landscape surrounding your hot tub?

A lighter shell is popular because it's timeless and goes with anything

Classic shades of white or softer tones of grey are excellent options for your hot tub shell. Silver marble is the most popular colour that Hydropool offers.


Lighter shells are clean and sleek-looking, illuminating the whole hot tub wonderfully at night. Take your hot tub experience to the next level with premium LED lighting in various fun colours!

And during the day, the water in your hot tub will be a brighter aqua hue against a white background. You'll feel like you're by the ocean – try out some hot tub crystals to invigorate your senses for the full effect!


Hydropool's Edgewater shell is built like a waterproof boat hull. The polyester and vinylester resin are combined with fibreglass to add strength creating the most robust shell in the industry. 

Darker shades evoke elegance and luxury

Darker shades like Hydropool's midnight canyon, black opal, and Tuscan sun are sleek and neutral. Shades of black go well with other colours, so it won't matter much what your surrounding décor looks like.

Darker colours do absorb light, however, so your hot tub won't look quite as dazzling at night against the lighting. Black Opal is the most popular dark colour choice amongst Buds' patrons!


Choosing the colour of your hot tub cabinet

Driftwood Everlast cabinet colour
Midnight Everlast cabinet colour

When considering the colour of your hot tub cabinet, consider where the hot tub is situated in your yard, and contemplate the surrounding landscape and décor. The same kinds of colour concepts from above will apply to your cabinet, but you must consider the cabinet in relation to the colour of your shell and cover. Does it all mesh?

For example, a black cabinet and black shell will seem rather dark, but if you want to make a statement, go for it! On the other hand, a black cabinet and silver marble shell look sleek and fresh together. Get creative and have fun mixing, matching, and testing colour samples in the location where you plan to install your hot tub.

Hydropool offers cabinet colour options in midnight black and driftwood. Driftwood has notes of taupe and gray, and this medium neutral delivers rich colour with a lot of versatility. For example, if you have stonework in your backyard, a driftwood cabinet choice would complement it perfectly. 

Hydropool's cabinet colours include a maintenance-free finish. This premium quality cabinetry is installed onto a sturdy cradle substructure for ultimate durability.


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