How To Protect Your Pool During Forest Fires

Forest wildfires have been a major concern across the nation this summer. Many have been astonished by the impact to air quality in our communities. You may be surprised to discover that ash and smoke from forest fires can impact your pool systems too! Here are a few important steps you can take to maintain your pool system during wildfire season.   

Manage Ash In Your Filtration System

When airborne ash makes its way into your pool, it can put a strain on your filtration system. Follow these tips to keep your filtration system working properly: 

  • Angle your return jets downwards, this will push the clean filtered water to the bottom of the pool and allow more ash to be skimmed off the top more quickly. 
  • To keep water clear, consider using clarifying tablets (sand filters only), or a filter cleaning product. 
  • Ash may impact your filter pressure. Make sure to backwash sand filters and rinse cartridge filters if there is an 8 psi or greater increase.

Image courtesy of Pool magazine

Keep Sanitizer Levels Between 3-5 ppm

Raising your chlorine or bromine levels is a good idea if you are noticing ash in your pool. Test your pH everyday during a wildfire event to maintain appropriate bromine/chlorine levels. You will likely need to add a little more sanitizer than normal to maintain your system's target pH. 

Forest fire conditions are also likely to increase phosphate levels in your water. Test your levels regularly and use a phosphate remover as needed.

Consider Additional Products to Keep Water Clear

With all the added particulate from smoke and ash, you may want to consider adding some additional products to your pool's water while wildfire conditions persist. 

  • Algipro is an excellent option to clear up any algae that may develop due to added phosphorus from airborne ash. 
  •  Filter Cleaner can help maintain your filter when it's working overtime. 
  • IPG pH Minus can assist in quickly restoring desired ph levels to ensure your sanitizers work efficiently