Not sure exactly what to do with your pool?

Have you recently acquired a pool? Maybe you just bought a new home that has one, or you've recently had a pool installed. If you're unsure about how to use and maintain it effectively, don't panic! Buds provides Pool Orientations to help you get acquainted and confident with all aspects of pool ownership and maintenance.

What our orientations cover

Our friendly pool experts will give you essential tips and information to better care for your pool!

Pool Circulation System and Maintenance

  • Explanation of the circulation system for optimal water quality.
  • How long to run the pump daily.
  • Direction and positioning of return jets.
  • Importance of regular brushing and vacuuming.

Pool Filter Functionality

  • Explanation of the pool filter's role and how to backwash or clean the filter cartridge.
  • Understanding PSI readings on the filter head.


Pool Valve Operation

  • Overview of pool valves and their functions.

Pool Pump Operation and Maintenance

  • Importance of a well-lubricated o-ring for proper suction.
  • Regular maintenance tasks such as emptying the pump basket.

Chlorinator and Salt Cell Care

  • Training on chlorinator operation and chlorine level adjustments.
  • Importance of keeping the salt cell clean.

Additional Equipment and Maintenance

  • Heater operation 
  • Operation of the lighting system.
  • Controller navigation 
  • Set up and operation of the vacuum system

Unlock your pool potential