Why is my hot tub water foamy?

Do you ever open your hot tub cover, ready to sit back, soak, and relax, only to discover foamy water? What’s the deal? It’s a common problem for hot tub owners, and although it can be a nuisance, there’s a simple solution. 

Causes of hot tub foam

Chemical Imbalance

An imbalance in the water chemistry is one reason hot tub water turns foamy. When the pH, alkalinity, calcium, or sanitizer levels are not within the ideal range, it can cause things like body oils, lotions and other similar products to react with the water. Poorly balanced water can make the water more acidic and therefore make it uncomfortable for the bather. Keep the water within these parameters.

The solution?

You want to keep your water PH between 7.6 and 7.8., alkalinity between 125-150 ppm and calcium between 100-200 ppm. 

Consider these products to balance your water: 

Note: Introduction of air when jets are running may cause foam to build on the surface but will dissipate rapidly once the jets are turned off. This can be an indication that your pH and alkalinity levels are unbalanced, you will need to make proper adjustments to balance the water.

Dirty or clogged filters

Hot tub water can foam if the filters become dirty or blocked. When the filters are not working the water doesn’t circulate properly, so dirt and other contaminants can eventually build up. 

Rinse the filters weekly and chemically clean once a month minimum or when they are clogged. Having an extra clean filter on hand to exchange with the dirty one while it is being cleaned is a great practice.

The solution?

We reccomend this product to make filter cleaning quick and easy: 

Rapid action filter cleaner – DAZ08080

Sanitizer levels

Health Canada recommends your sanitizer level be between 3-5 ppm for your hot tub. Sanitizer levels are affected by the introduction of organics, bacteria, lotions in the water as well as the amount of time the bather stays in the water.

The solution?

Try these sanitizer products to keep your tub looking great: 

From a water balance perspective, it is essential to have your water tested regularly. You can also buy quality products to ensure your hot tub water stays clean, clear, and under control!


Come into Buds to get your water tested. We will have the best solution for you!