For a great season ahead, let us do the heavy lifting with our pool opening service.

It’s no surprise that Buds opens more and more pools every spring—our friendly, highly trained staff and unique two-day pool opening service set us apart.

DAY 1 We take care of the dirty work

You get a thorough cleaning of your pool cover, waterline, coping and stairs. All winterizing items will be removed and left together for you to store for the summer. Your equipment will be reassembled, and all ladders and handrail reinstalled. And, if you like, we’ll take a water sample back to the store for a computerized analysis.

DAY 2 We flip the switch

Your pool is full, which allows us to do a proper startup of your equipment. We check that it’s functioning properly and perform any minor repairs—parts and labour are extra, but your pool will be operational sooner and it saves you the added wait of booking a service call. If you opted for our water balancing service on Day 1, we arrive on Day 2 with chemicals in hand. Instructions will be left for any steps that cannot be completed due to water temperature or wait times. We can even coordinate the lighting of your heater, through a trusted local gas fitter who will clean and inspect the heater prior to lighting it. Like us, he’s got rigorous standards and a lot of parts on hand, so any problem he identifies can usually be handled on site in one visit.

We do our best to complete the pool opening in two consecutive days, but bad weather, equipment repairs and really big clean-up jobs can mean the task takes a bit longer. Equipment repairs and extra clean up are not part of a pool opening and will require booking an additional call.


For our weekly maintenance customers, your pool opening booking has been taken care of. 

The email with your pool opening date will arrive in February!


To request a hot tub opening, please visit this page.

To request a swim spa opening, please visit this page.