Why We Love Small Pools
(And You Should, Too!)

With average lot sizes decreasing over the past two decades, it is no wonder that smaller pools are becoming more popular. Small pools take up less space, require less maintenance, and cost less to operate and heat.

If you don’t think you have enough room in your backyard for a pool, you might be surprised to learn that plenty of configurations and types are out there on the market. There’s a material and design to fit your budget, family, and space, from plunge pools and small fibreglass pools to tiny concrete pools and swim spas.

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Square Pool for Small Yards

Your pool doesn’t have to be rectangular or kidney-shaped. Consider a square pool for your small yard. They can look quite chic and sophisticated, especially against a modern architecture-style home. Clean lines, oversized windows, and various materials all juxtapose nicely with a square-shaped pool. Square pools are ideal for cooling off and relaxation but less functional for swimming laps.

Swim Spas Fit Like a Glove

Swimspas (also known as swim pools) are designed to fit in any size yard. With lengths from 12 to 19 feet, you’ll have room for eating and lounging by the poolside. The best part is that swim spas can be enjoyed year-round (unlike a pool) due to their small size and added insulation. And swim spas are much easier to maintain than traditional swimming pools since they have a smaller surface area and efficient filtration systems.


Swimpools for Smaller Spaces

This 16-foot Hydropool swim spa is installed like an inground pool. Besides being Canadian-made, there’s a lot to love about Hydropool swim spas. As the world’s only self-cleaning swim pool, maintenance is cut to 1 hour per week. Hydropool swim spas are also the most energy-efficient in the world and are approved by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation. The pièce de resistance is the fitness features and capabilities. You can boogie board on the wave pool, swim under the LED waterfall, kayak in the wide channel swim lane, workout using the in-wall stair climbers, rowing machine, tethered swim cords, exercise bars and more.


Create Space and Add Visual Interest

The least expensive way to install a pool is above ground. This swim spa is incorporated into a western red cedar deck overlooking a stunning landscape (of a faraway place for most of us Ontario folk). Building the deck around the palm trees, flowers, and foliage adds visual interest, as does the glass railing (just be ready for some bird casualties!).



This swim spa is noticeably aboveground, but its surrounding features enhance it. This Hydropool model is creatively punctuated by a lovely mix of materials, including the decorative cedar fence, stonework, and the outdoor fireplace and seating area. The expansive green space in the background is a bonus!


create an oasis

This Hydropool model is built into a deck on downward-sloping terrain. The plants, flowers, and shrubs around the pool add an organic visual appeal. And the pond with a water feature gives the feeling of an oasis.

Check out all the benefits of a swim pool for your small yard.

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