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How to choose the perfect winter pool cover

Keep dirt, debris, kids, pets and more out of your pool during the off-season. Here are our tips for choosing the right cover for your pool and budget.

15 stunning ways to incorporate a hot tub into your backyard

15 stunning ways to incorporate a hot tub into your backyard

Create a beautiful backyard oasis, perfect for a private soak or entertaining friends and family, with these 15 hot tub landscaping ideas!

7 ahhhsome hot tub jets

7 ahhhsome hot tub jets and what they do

Without the jets, a hot tub is little more than a bathtub in your yard. Relaxing, sure, but not ahhhhmazing. Read on for a guide to hot tub jet systems, an explanation of 7 hot tub jets and some shopping advice.


The Inside Scoop: Our Hydropool Review

With a relationship that spans 40 years, if anyone should know about the quality of Hydropool products and customer service, it’s us. What mark do we give Hydropool? Read our Hydropool review!

5 hot tub buying mistakes

5 hot tub buying mistakes you don’t want to make

This article covers 5 of the most common hot tub buying mistakes first-time buyers make. Read it so you won’t make them yourself!

Above ground swimpool stonework

6 amazing above ground swimpools

These 6 amazing swimpools prove that a pool doesn’t have to be inground to be gorgeous. Use these ideas to create your own year-round swim and soak oasis!

Buds financing

5 best pool financing methods (and one we don’t recommend)

Loan? Line of credit? Mortgage? Credit card? Here are the best pool financing strategies, based on our decades of experience helping families afford their backyard dreams.

Buds pool liner

Backyard pools on a budget: 8 ways to save money on pool installation

Get 8 tips to save money on pool installation, with the exact amount of cash you’ll pocket for each idea. You can afford your backyard dreams—find out how!

Battle of the solar covers – Solar blanket vs Liquid solar

Battle Of The Pool Covers: Solar Blanket vs. Liquid

What is a liquid solar pool cover and how does it compare to a traditional solar pool cover? Check out our pros and cons so you can make your own decision!

Swimpool vs. Small pool costs

Cost comparison: Small pool vs. swimpool

We take a look at the costs to install a small inground pool compared to a swimpool (a small pool with a built-in hot tub). Which one fits your budget best?


Can I heat a swim spa with gas and 9 more questions people ask

What’s a swimpool? How fast does it heat up? What’s the hot tub part like? We fast-track your swimpool learning curve with these 10 questions and answers.


11 Must-See Pools For Small Yards

These 11 gorgeous examples of small pools in small yards show that you can have it all: space to eat, lounge, swim and play. Learn how to get the look, too!


Pool vs. swimpool: The winner surprised even us

We put swimpools (also known as swimspas) head-to-head with traditional pools on 14 different criteria, including cost and looks. Find out who wins!

HOW MUCH DOES A SWIMPOOL COST? (You might be surprised.)

How Much Does A Swimpool Cost?

Swimpools offer all the fun and fitness of a traditional pool at a lower cost. This article gives price ranges, installation costs and money-saving tips.


Spring opening: How to treat and prevent algae

This step-by-step guide to treating algae in your pool offers specific instructions and helpful tips so your water will be sparkling as soon as possible.


Helpful tips for maintaining your pool

Whether you’re a new owner or a seasoned pro, this article will help you get the most from your pool, with tips on everything from chemicals to O-ring lube!


How to treat and prevent cloudy water

This 6-step process offers specific instructions and helpful tips to help you fix cloudy water problems and keep your pool sparkling clean.


How to clean a salt cell

Your salt cell is critical to sanitizing your pool water. Here are the 7 steps you need to clean the salt cell, as well as tips for weekly maintenance.


How to treat and prevent metals and staining

Copper and iron are often to blame for metal staining in backyard pools. This article covers the steps to remove stains as well as tips to prevent them.


Unicel cartridge cleaning instructions

These 7 steps will help keep your unicel cartridge element clean. We also offer specific instructions for hot tub owners.

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