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7 pool opening mistakes you can learn from

We’d rate pool opening as a moderately difficult DIY task. These pool opening mistakes are frustrating and can be costly. Read on to learn what not to do!


How to measure a hot tub cover the right way

Time for a new hot tub cover? Time to get out that measuring tape! These easy instructions will tell you how to measure a hot tub cover properly.


Hot tub cover colour options

Gone are the days of boring beige and brown. Here are 24 gorgeous hot tub cover colour options. Find the one that matches your decor!


Yes, you can add steps to a pool. Here’s how.

We cover three of the most common inground pool stairs, from simple drop-in stairs to custom vinyl-over steel steps that completely transform your pool.


Compare pool liner colors in water

When you’re looking at a sample book or surfing the web it’s hard to compare pool liner colors in water—and it matters. This post gives a helping hand.

Pool makeover ideas

Bliss out at home this summer with these pool makeover ideas. The photos will spark your imagination and the write-ups will help you achieve the look.


Vinyl pool liner FAQs

How much does a new pool liner cost? What causes pool liner wrinkles? What’s the most popular liner colour? Here are 13 pool liner FAQs and the answers!

8. The big reveal. We reinstalled the original interlock and diving board. They were in good shape and reusing them kept costs down.

See a stunning pool renovation from start to finish

These pool renovation before and after pics show us taking an inground pool from sad to stunning with a new liner and in-wall stairs. See for yourself!


Free pool liner estimator

Ballpark the cost of a new vinyl pool liner using this free pool liner estimator. It’s a fast way to get a price range for your pool—give it a try!


How to test if your pool is leaking

You’re filling your pool more often. Is it a leak? These three simple pool leak detection tests, including the bucket test, will let you know the cause.

Is your pool liner leaking? Find out with this free online assessment!

A pool leak is a pain. This quick quiz will help you find out if your pool has a leak and if the pool liner is the problem. Take action…take the quiz!


Hot Tub FAQs

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. These hot tub FAQs cover everything from whether you can put a hot tub on a deck to how often you should soak!


What should I put around my hot tub?

Need some inspiration for what to put around your hot tub? Check out these photos and captions for ideas ranging from simple fixes to jaw-dropping designs.


How To: Clean Your Sand Filter In 7 Simple Steps

Knowing how to clean your pool’s sand filter can keep your pool fresh and clean, and help maintain critical equipment for a long time.

Hot Tub Safety

Hot tub safety for families

Make the most of your Hydropool hot tub. Find out how to improve your wellness routine in just 30 minutes a day using hot tub hydrotherapy.


How To Improve Your Wellness Routine With Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Make the most of your Hydropool hot tub. Find out how to improve your wellness routine in just 30 minutes a day using hot tub hydrotherapy.

Practical Tips For Throwing Your First Pool Party

Forget the menu, decor, and guestlist. We’re showing you how to plan for the best first pool party ever. Safety, pool prep, extra towels? How exciting!

Photo of one page of a calendar

Why can’t you give me an exact pool dig date?

Every customer asks the same thing as soon as they sign the contract: when will you dig my pool? Here’s why we can’t give you an exact date right away.

Young boy riding a boogie boy tethered to a swim spa

3 awesome ideas for swim spa fun

Anything you can do in a small pool you can do in a swim spa—plus more. We explore three themes—games, parties and relaxing—to help you triple the fun!

Excavator digging a back yard and loading a dump truck

Why you don’t need to stay home the week we dig your pool

It’s natural to want to watch us dig up your yard and put in the pool shell, but here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t use your precious vacay to do it!

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