Can Hot Tubs Really Help You Lose Weight?

If you are looking for some extra help to lose weight, you might be surprised to find it in your hot tub. To be fair, hot tub use alone is not likely to give you a total weight loss transformation. For sustainable weight loss, you will need a balanced plan that includes changes to your diet and regular exercise. However, hot tubs do burn calories, and every little bit helps when you’re trying to lose weight. Besides, it’s a great excuse to spend a little more time in your tub every day.

How Many Calories Are Burned?

A 2017 study in the academic journal Temperature states that individuals can burn about 60 calories an hour over baseline caloric expenditure when using a hot tub. This may not seem like much, but little bits do add up over time. After all, this means with daily use you can burn 600 calories every 10 days.

How much Weight Can I Lose?

To benefit from this added calorie burn, you will also need to be mindful of your total caloric expenditure and your weight loss goals. It is generally accepted that you need a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat. To use the hot tub for effective weight loss you’d first need to establish how many calories you burn a day, then modify your diet and activity so that you are consuming at or below your daily calorie intake level. From here you can see that you could burn one pound of fat in just about 2 months through daily hot tubbing. If you had a year-long goal of losing 5 pounds, you would be able to achieve it by mild caloric restriction and hot tub use alone.

Stack With Other Techniques for Greater Results

You can see results faster if you combine your hot tubbing efforts with diet and other forms of exercise. For example you could first cut your daily calorie consumption to 200 calories below your maintenance level. Then, if you add in three 30-minute walks a week you can burn an additional 300-600 calories a week (each 30 minute walk burns 100-200 calories). Add in the 60 calories from an hour a day in the hot tub and you will dramatically speed up your results. In this example you would have a caloric deficit of about 2,420 per week, which means you could lose one pound about every 10 days.

Many Other Health Benefits

Weight loss is just one of the health benefits you can enjoy from using a hot tub. A recent article from Healthline highlighted a range of benefits. This included stress relief, muscle relaxation, improved sleep, better cardiovascular health and improved insulin sensitivity. 

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