Real Talk : Are Hot Tubs a Lot of Work?

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub, it’s probably because you need to relax. So, a new list of chores related to hot tub maintenance is the last thing you’d want. Luckily, modern hot tubs really aren’t that hard to maintain. We’ve previously covered the benefits of self-cleaning hot tubs in another post, so this time we’ll just focus on easy maintenance tips for conventional hot tubs. If you follow the essentials, the time you spend maintaining your hot tub every month will be minimal, so you can kick back and relax just like you’d planned! 

Keep it Clean Above the Water Line - Total Work: Less than 5 Minutes a Week

The shell of your hot tub can be exposed to organic and inorganic contaminants that build up over time. If you make an effort to wipe down the area above the water line with a soft sponge every week or two, it will go a long way to keeping your hot tub in great shape. 

Test & Treat Water Weekly - Total Time Invested: Less Than 5 Minutes a Week

Testing at home using test strips is a quick and easy way to see if your water is out of balance and Minor adjustments may be needed. We recommend that you come have your water tested in store every few weeks to determine the proper dosage amounts to keep you safe and sanitized.

Circulate Regularly - Total Time Invested: Less Than 5 Minutes a Week

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your tub is programmed to regularly circulate the water at least every 4 hours. Circulation allows the filter to catch contaminants and remove them from the water. The more regularly you circulate the water, the cleaner your tub will be. Luckily, you will be circulating the water every time you use the tub by activating the jets as well, so it often won’t even feel like work at all. You will also want to maintain your filter with a professional filter cleaner about once a month.

Deep Clean Seasonally - Total Work: About 30 Mins 2-3 Times Per Year

Depending on the condition of your water you should also drain your tub periodically and give it a good deep cleaning. Our water lab will be able to assist you with determining when that should be. Bring in a water sample and let us give you the results.

Still Too Much Work? Let Buds Do it For You!

As you can see, the fundamentals of maintaining your hot tub really take just minutes a week, with some bigger projects scattered throughout the year. Most hot tub owners find the enjoyment and relaxation they get to enjoy well worth this effort. But if you’d rather have somebody else do the work for you, Bud’s is happy to help. Simply contact us to hear more about our affordable cleaning and maintenance services today!