Which one is right for you?

No dream too big.

No yard too small.

Swim spas (aka plunge pools and endless pools) are proof that good things come in small packages. You get it all-hot tub and pool, fun and fitness-with room left over to make more of your backyard dreams come true. Say yes to your very own energy efficient and easy-to-maintain year-round water park.

Canadian-made quality

Canadian made

We've been selling Hydropool products for more than 35 years for three reasons: they're locally made, the company is boldly innovative, and they stand behind what they sell. These one-piece reinforced acrylic tubs come with a 10-year warranty.


Year-round fun

Host a pool party for Canada Day...and Groundhog Day! Hydropool's swim spas are designed for the Canadian climate, so you can celebrate every season in your backyard playground. As the world's only self-cleaning swim spa, maintenance is cut to 1 hour/week.


Save money

On average, a swim spa installed above ground costs 35% less than a vinyl-lined pool, and much less than a small fibreglass pool. The average cost of ownership is $40 to $50/month. You can heat a Hydropool swim spa to 30°C for pennies a day.

Installation Expertise

Space saver

We haven't met a backyard that's too small for a swimspa. With lengths from 12 to 19 feet, chances are you'll have room for eating and lounging by the poolside, too. 


Family & fitness

Get a home gym and water park in one! Boogie board on the wave pool, swim under the LED waterfall, kayak in the wide channel swim lane, workout using the in-wall stair climbers, rowing machine, tethered swim cords, exercise bars and more.


Energy efficient

Hydropool's swim spas are the most energy efficient in the world, thanks to water filtration technology, a super-insulated shell, a heat recovery system and an insulated hard cover mean. Approved by the Commission for Environmental Co-operation!


We make it easy for you.
Slide in for as low as $54 a week!

Put the focus on relaxation.

If you're more soak than swim, check out our hot tubs. Think therapy!