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12 swimpools we would love to take a dip in right now

Swimpools (aka swimspas) can be stunning. You can often afford more of the extras (think decking and an outdoor fireplace) because you’re saving on the pool!


How to Clean a Sand Filter

Clean your sand filter once a year before closing and every time you’ve had an algae problem. Here are 12 steps to keeping your filter in tip top shape.


Summer maintenance: How to treat and prevent algae

It’s summer, and you want to be swimming. These steps will help you solve any algae problems, with tips to ensure your vacuuming doesn’t make things worse.


Pool opening instructions

These comprehensive step-by-step instructions will help you open your pool without a hitch, from removing your winter cover to balancing your water.

Swimming pool

Inground pool closing instructions

If you want to close your pool yourself, this detailed guide will help you do it like the pros, from water balancing to storing your unused chemicals.

Above ground pool in the country

Above-ground pool closing instructions

These step-by-step instructions will help you winterize your above ground pool properly so it gives you years of family fun in the sun.


Draining your Hydropool hot tub

Your spa should be drained approximately every 8-12 weeks depending its size and usage. Follow these 16 steps to ensure you do it properly.


How to safely close your hot tub or swim spa for winter

We often close our customers’ hot tubs and swim spas for them. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, follow these steps to close your spa for winter the right way.


8 things you should never do to your hot tub cover

Using a razor blade on sap? Cleaning with detergent? Avoid these hot tub cover no-nos to keep your cover looking and working like new as long as possible.

Hot tub cover

Has your hot tub cover bit the dust? Here’s how to tell.

Canada’s weather takes its toll on the vinyl of our hot tub and swimpool covers. Here are 6 signs your hot tub cover needs to be replaced.

Hot tub in winter

6 simple steps to winter hot tub maintenance (and the best spa season ever)

There’s no better way to enjoy cold weather than with a hot tub. Make sure you get maximum enjoyment from your hot tub this winter with these 6 simple steps.

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