Hot tub FAQs

For hot tubs, establish a routine cartridge cleaning schedule based on the amount of usage. This should include rinsing the cartridge weekly (or more frequently with heavy use), as well as using Rapid Action Filter Cleanse every 4-6 weeks. Read our guide to see the full procedure to clean your hot tub cartridge.

Please read our measuring guide. This guide will help you measure your swim spa cover so that it will fit perfectly. Even if a cover manufacturer has your spa on file, take the time to measure and be sure. 

We recommend that you come into Buds with a 1L water sample of your hot tub water once a month. As long as you stick to a proper weekly maintenance regime once a month is plenty.

Foamy water is a common issue for swim spa owners. The most common cause is body oils, cosmetics, and dirt: Body oils, cosmetics and dirt accumulate foam or a scum ring. Laundry detergent residual in swimwear from bathers can also cause foaming. If you are looking to resolve this issue, please see our blog post on treating foaming in a hot tub.

Proper water balance in hot tub extends the life of equipment and ensures that the sanitizer works efficiently. Without proof of water balance, equipment manufacturers will not warranty their products. Water that goes unbalanced for extended periods of time can result in heater corrosion, leaking equipment and irritated skin and eyes.

Draining a hot tub depends on bather use and chemical additions to the water. A Total Dissolved Solids reading is taken every month when you come in the store to get your water tested. Once the dissolved solids reach a certain level, a Buds water analysis expert will recommend draining the hot tub. On average, a hot tub is drained every 3-4 months.

Every hot tub is susceptible to build up within the lines and on the filter. Over time, this build up gets worse and eventually it starts to break down and make its way back into the water. Using a chemical to flush residue and build up out of the lines when you drain the swim spa, will help to keep the water looking clear for a longer period of time. Ensuring that your filter is rinsed on a weekly basis and chemically cleaned every 4-6 weeks will also help to alleviate cloudy water. Allowing a build up of oils and waste to sit in the lines and the filter of the hot tub, result in quicker sanitizer consumption which can also contribute to cloudy water. Remember to only rinse your filter with a garden hose or sink faucet as forced pressure will tear the internal pleats of the cartridge making the filter inept and contributing to cloudy water.

Phosphates are a naturally occurring mineral in all water, however if they reach high levels they can cause issues in your spa. One issue that can occur is not being able to maintain a sanitizer level as the phosphates consume the bromine or chlorine. It can also lead to the development of biofilm, microbial slimes that can form in spa water. Additionally, phosphates can be an important factor in scale formation on the surface and equipment of the tub. Scaling will target your heating element, pump seals and cause damage to these parts.

If you need to treat phosphates in your hot tub water, please refer to our blog post treating phosphates in a hot tub.

There are many things you can do to improve the life of your hot tub. For a detailed overview please see our post on hot tub and swim spa maintenance tips. Here are some of the key points:

  • Test the water regularly to preserve water quality and extend the life of your system. Visit Buds with a water sample for regular testing and advice on what chemicals you need to treat your system.
  • Regularly clean your filter with a product such as Filter Cleanse. 
  • Periodically drain your tub and replace water when testing indicates it is needed. 

Try to limit the number of bromine/chlorine tablets to 3 or 4. By leaving more space inside the dispensing chamber, you are leaving more surface area thus the water can dissolve the tablets easier. If you try to pack too many tablets in the dispensing chamber, the water has a harder time running over the entire tablet making the release of sanitizer into the water much slower.

Winterizing your hot tub properly is extremely important to ensure that all the lines and equipment do not freeze and crack over the winter. This process is somewhat in-depth, so we have created a detailed guide on how to winterize your spa.