All The Things You Can Do In a Swim Spa

Swim spas, are growing in popularity across Canada. More compact than an in-ground swimming pool and more versatile than a hot tub, swim spas offer the best of both worlds. You’d be amazed at the range of activities your family can enjoy in a swim spas. The possibilities are virtually endless, so we wanted to share some of our top suggestions for recreation, exercise, relaxation and therapeutic uses.

Workouts Beyond Swimming

One of the main reasons people purchase swim spas is because of their signature ability for endless swimming in the powerful current created by the swim spa system. While these systems were originally designed for swimming, you can also take advantage of the current for other workout options. Many people enjoy jogging in the current, or performing various forms of resistance training. Some swim spas also allow for owners to add accessories that allow for rowing machine type exercises, or resistance band training. These kinds of workouts are great for people of all fitness levels, and can especially benefit individuals who are rehabbing an injury or have otherwise limited mobility.

Kayak, Canoe, Boogie Board or Paddle Board

Another great use for a swim spa is to practice your favorite board or paddle sports, right in the comfort of your own backyard. Your kids can enjoy endless hours of fun simply by hooking a boogie board to a tether and riding the current created by the swim spa. Serious athletes can perfect their paddling technique in much the same way, making the swim spa a year-round training facility. 

Enjoy a Hot-Water Soak

Most swim spa can be heated to a maximum temperature of about 37 degrees celsius. This is just a few degrees cooler than the recommended max temperature for a conventional hot tub. That means you can easily get a hot tub experience from your swim spa simply by turning up the dial!

Swim All Year Long

This might be the best benefit of owning a swim spa! Because they are smaller than an in ground pool, you can more easily heat and cover your swim spa to keep it running all year round. Dive into family fun regardless of the season or weather!

Ready to Find Your Perfect Swim Spa?

Buds has an amazing range of swim spas from 12 to 19 feet. We even have combo pools that include a conventional hot tub as well. Start exploring today to find the swim spa that’s right for you.