Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hot Tub?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hot Tub?

Is your hot tub not working like it used to? Is your hot tub more than eight years old? Are you throwing good money after bad on hot tub repairs and maintenance? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to upgrade your hot tub.


Your hot tub should conjure up feelings of relaxation; it shouldn’t be a source of stress and financial strain. You should consider investing in a new hot tub if you have to call in for monthly repairs and throw good money after bad. The term escalation of commitment comes to mind, which describes the human behaviour pattern in which someone facing increasingly adverse outcomes from an investment continues the behaviour instead of altering course.  

So, When Is a Hot Tub Not Worth Repairing?

The Hot Tub Is Old

Hot tubs generally have a lifespan between 8 and 15 years. The less expensive models won’t stand the test of time as well as the pricier ones. This is due in part to the quality of the components, equipment, and assembly. The lifespan can also extend to the manufacturer, with some brands carrying a solid reputation for reliability and quality while others do not.

Energy efficiency is another consideration here, as older hot tubs are less energy efficient than the newer makes and models. The technology used to insulate older models is less efficient, and it is likely to cost you more money in your energy bills to heat the hot tub in the long run.


When Repairs Cost More Long-Term Than Value of The Hot Tub

A hot tub is not worth fixing when the repair cost will be more than the value of the hot tub. Or when you know, you will likely have to spend more money on repairs and maintenance.


Take a good hard look and listen to your hot tub for wear and tear. Do you notice any strange noises coming from the pumps? It could be that your pumps need replacing in the near future, which can add up in terms of cost.


What about leaks? If you notice any water in the cabinet, it’s not a good sign. A leak can be hard to find, diagnose, and fix. A leak can easily compromise the hot tub's insulation, which translates to removing and replacing that insulation.


Finally, if you notice that a few of the hot tub’s jets need to be replaced, you can assume that others will follow suit. A few jets are inexpensive to fix, but the bill adds up when replacing 20 to 30 jets.  

Repairing Is Still an Option

Of course, replacement isn’t the only option. You might be able to get away with upgrading your spa pack, including your control panel, spa pumps, heater, blower and Ozonator. This will help your hot tub perform at optimal levels and reduce maintenance costs.


Whether replacing or repairing your hot tub, Buds is there to lend a hand. Book a service appointment if your hot tub is acting up. Or drop by the store to have a look at our inventory.