How to drain your Serenity Hydropool hot tub

important reminders

Your spa should be drained approximately every 8-12 weeks depending on the amount of chemicals added and the use it gets . Remember to have your spa water tested every month to ensure proper water balance and optimum enjoyment.  Please call us at 905.648.7727 if you have any questions.

hot tub draining steps

  1. Start by turning off the air controls and ensuring there is water coming out of all the seat jets (move diverters to middle/neutral position, open closed jet faces).Put the tub on standby and remove the filter from the tub. This is an excellent time to chemically clean your filter with Rapid Action Filter Cleanse.
  2. Take the tub off standby.
  3. Add 1 bottle of Drain Prep to the water put the jets on low for one cycle and leave the tub heated and circulating as normal with the cover closed for a minimum of 12 hours (can be circulated for up to 48 hours before draining for heavier build up).  Drain Prep will break down any oils, dirt or scale build up that has coated the lines of the tub.
  4. After 12 hours minimum has elapsed, turn the power to the tub off.
  5. Locate Spa Drain Valve: The spa drain valve is located on the side of the cabinet. Pull the drain valve completely out. Remove the safety drain cap and store for use when refilling your spa. Attach a standard garden hose to the drain valve. With the garden hose attached push the drain valve in so that the hose is flush with the drain. 
  6. As the water drains, clean the waterline and seats using Tub Cleanse and a clean, damp cloth.  This will help to remove any dirt and clean the tub surface.  Tub Cleanse is the only cleaner that we recommend using to clean the inside of any hot tub.  Do not use bathtub cleansers, CLR, or other household cleaners as they can cause damage to the acrylic surface.
  7. To stop draining the tub simply reverse the process by pulling the drain completely out, installing the drain valve safety cap and pushing the drain in fully. Make sure you do not force the drain in so that it is properly aligned. 
  8. Once the tub is filled, put your clean, dry filter into the filter canister, turn the power back on again and close the cover.
  9. Turn the temperature up to the desired level and the tub will now begin to heat.
  10. Once the temperature reaches 80F you can start to add your Fresh Fill chemicals.