Treating Foaming in a Swim Spa

Why does my Swim Spa water foam?

The most common cause is body oils, cosmetics, and dirt: Body oils, cosmetics and dirt accumulate foam or a scum ring. Laundry detergent residual in swimwear from bathers can also cause foaming.

Another cause can be Organic waste that cannot be filtered out by your filtration system. Some organic matter is prone to causing foamy water as it breaks down in the filter. Inappropriate disinfection can cause foaming water. A high pH level is much more likely to directly cause foam than a low pH . 

How can we resolve the problem?

  • Make sure your sanitizer level is at the recommended level. 3-5 ppm
  • Use shock to destroy organic contaminants
  • Adjust the ph level and make sure it is between 7.2 - 7.8
  • Make sure your hardness is between 200 - 300 ppm
  • Clean and rinse the filter on a regular basis even more so if foaming is present.

Other suggestions:

  • Make sure to have water tested on a regular basis
  • Bathers should rinse off before entering the hot tub
  • Clean and rinse well bathing suits
  • Wipe down surface area and water line using surface cleanse