How to prepare your hot tub for the winter

Why spa winterization matters...

Winterizing your hot tub properly is extremely important to ensure that all the lines and equipment do not freeze and crack over the winter.

What is the proper spa winterization procedure?

  1. Drain spa as per normal procedure. Remove pillows, the skimmer basket and the filter(s) from the canister.
  2. This is an excellent time to chemically clean your filter(s) with Rapid Action Filter Cleanse and to clean your pillows.
  3. Once the spa has completely drained, take the expandable plug out of skimmer (Only required for Hydropool Self Cleaning Models).
  4. After 20 seconds, turn off the pump and shut off the breaker.
  5. Shop vac all the jets and the bottom drain/foot well.
  6. Disconnect the unions at the spa pack and the pump(s). Some tubs have only one pump and some tubs have two pumps. Ensure that you have taken off both sets of unions if there are two pumps. Some pumps also have drain plugs at the front of them so be sure those are also removed.
  7. Shop vac the lines where you disconnected them.
  8. Re-connect the lines (and put drain plugs back in pumps if removed) after they have been vacuumed out.
  9. Pour 1 litre of pool grade antifreeze in the floor of the spa, 1 litre into the filter canister, put 1 litre into each pump and pour ½ litre into each diverter.
  10. Cover tub with your spa cover and store your filter(s), pillows and skimmer basket indoors.
  11. Cover the spa cover & cabinet with a Cover Cap or tarp. Make sure the cover cap/tarp covers your spa cover and all/most of the cabinet.
  12. Clear the snow load and ice periodically to alleviate damaging your spa cover.