How to treat Pseudomonas in a Hot Tub

What is Pseudomonas?

Pseudomonas is a skin infection resulting from exposure to contaminated spa water. Loss of sanitizer level and the temperature of the spa both pose as a breeding ground for this bacterium.

Characteristics of Pseudomonas

Pseudomonas is most commonly seen as an inflamed skin rash. It is extremely irritable and can become re-irritated in warm showers or baths. Pseudomonas can occur up to 14 days after actual exposure to the bacteria. Pseudomonas may not affect every bather that has been exposed at the same time.

Pseudomonas Treatment

The first step should be to contact your physician for a recommended treatment. Unfortunately, Pseudomonas is resistant to nearly all topical and oral antibiotics. However, symptomatic relief may be achieved by using vinegar compresses. Do not get back into the tub for 6-8 weeks to ensure the bacteria are completely gone.

Treating Pseudomonas in a Spa

  1. Remove the filter and soak in a solution of chlorine/bromine and water (4 caps).
  2. Shock with 4 times the normal dose of sanitizer with jets on high.
  3. The sanitizer level must stay above 5ppm for 5 consecutive days. If sanitizer levels drop below 5ppm, you must re-shock the tub and start again from day 1.
  4. Once sanitizer has successfully stayed above 5ppm for 5 days, add Drain Prep and let circulate for 2 days to clean out the spa lines.
  5. Drain and refill the spa with fresh water. Be sure to clean the tub with Tub Cleanse, re-balance and shock the water.
  6. Make sure the spa is holding a sanitizer reading for a day or 2 before using.

How Do I Prevent Pseudomonas?

  1. Test your water on a regular basis especially before entering the tub to make sure an adequate level of sanitizer is present.
  2. Follow a regular cleaning schedule and keep the water line clean to prevent a build up of bacteria.
  3. Make sure chlorine/bromine tablets are always in the feeder.
  4. If you are planning on sitting in the spa for a long period of time, check to ensure a sanitizer reading periodically.
  5. Be sure the water is properly balanced so that your sanitizer can work at maximum efficiency.