How to Treat and Prevent Cloudy or Foggy Water

What Causes Cloudy Water?

Foggy/Cloudy pools may occur due to a number of reasons.  Cloudy water largely occurs because of poor water balance, lack of circulation, poor filtration or the depletion of chlorine/bromine.  It can also occur due to dead algae, dirty or old filter sand, excessive debris in the pool or leaving solar blankets on for extended periods of time.

Treatment Procedure

  1. Bring a pool water sample into Bud’s Spas and Pools for water balance analysis.
  2. Adjust pH and/or chlorine levels as recommended by the water lab.
  3. Follow Option A, B or C depending on the level of clarity in the water.
  4. Ensure the pool is circulating for AT LEAST 24hrs.
  5. After 48hrs, bring a sample to Bud’s Spas and Pools, even if the water is clear!


Option A – Foggy Water (can see the bottom in the deep end)

  • 20 ml of CLEAR per 10 000 L of pool water.
    • Backwash or rinse cartridges after 48 hours, whichever comes first. 

Option B: Foggy Water (can see the bottom in the deep end) SAND FILTERS ONLY

  • Add Clari-Tabs directly into the skimmer and backwash 48 hours later.

Option C: Extremely Cloudy Water (cannot see the bottom in the deep end)

  • Use Solution 48 Kit as per instructions (Klear Sok must be taken out for cartridge filters). 

Tips for treatment

  • Ensure sanitizing systems are working effectively (i.e. chlorinators/brominators are not clogged; salt chlorinators do not have scale build-up and are generating adequately).
  • As soon as the pool clears, be sure to chemically clean your filter using Filter Cleaner.
  • Always ensure pump and filter systems run continuously during all treatments!
  • Remove solar blanket from pool and clean with Cover Cleaner.
  • Clean all debris from pump basket and skimmer basket.
  • Direct return jets downwards at 45-degree angle in the same direction.

Tips for maintaining clear water

  • Treat the pool weekly, even if it is not getting regular use.
    • Example weekly treatment: Zap, Algi Pro 40 and Meta Stain Prevent.
  • Keep the pool circulating 24/7.
  • Bring a water sample into Bud’s Spas and Pools once a month.