Why Your Should Use Borate In Your Pool

What is Borate?

Borate prevents pH drifting, which results in calcium scaling, metal stains, cloudy water, algae, and hard pool water. When you use borate, the water will remain clear for a long period since chloramine (or combined chlorine) does not form quickly as compared to a pool without a borate.

The Benefits of Using Borates

  1. Helps stabilize the pH level - using borates with a neutral pH level will help stabilize the chemicals in your pool's water.
  2. Help prevent the development of algae - since borates keep the pH in balance, and the chlorine working effectively, algae has less room to thrive and begin to grow in your pool.
  3. Less chlorine - since borates help prevent algae growth, you may use less chlorine which means you will save money in monthly chemical costs. Chlorine level should be between 1-3 ppm
  4. Soft and shiny water - borates help the water to stay clean longer. The chloramine doesn't develop quickly versus those who don't include a borate agent as part of their pool maintenance.
  5. An extra benefit - borates not only makes the water healthy, but it also prevents swimmers from getting dry skin and red, itchy eyes.

Using Borate

Skin Silk

  • Initial dosage 500g of Skin Silk per 10,000L of water
  • Monthly top up 250g ofSkin Silk per 10,000L of water