Benefits of In-Person Shopping For Hot Tubs, Pools & Swim Spas

Why Brick-and-Mortar Shops Are the Smart Choice

We know that online shopping can be convenient. But at Buds we still believe that hot tubs, swim spas and pools, not to mention their parts and supplies, are best shopped for in person. 

So while you might start your shopping journey online, we hope that you’ll take the chance to visit us in store before finally making your purchase. 

There are many reasons why we think brick-and-mortar stores like Buds are the smart choice for customers. 

Check out our top reasons and let us know if you agree!

More personalized customer service

Artificial intelligence may have come a long way, but we still haven’t met a chatbot who can match the knowledge and personability of our expert sales team. When you visit us in store, we’ll be able to provide you with a much higher level of service than you’ll ever be able to get online or over the phone. 

That’s because we’ll take the time to really understand your questions, concerns and budget and guide you to the solutions that are best for your specific needs. 

It’s a shopping experience that simply can’t be replicated online, no matter what Chat-GPT thinks!

Get tailored advice for all your equipment & chemicals

There is a lot that goes into keeping a hot tub, swim spa, or pool in good running order.

Maybe you’re selecting the right replacement pool pump, and you need to know which unit will work best for your pool size and budget. 

Or perhaps your hot tub chemistry is out of whack, and you need an expert to guide you through purchasing the exact right chemicals based on your location, current weather conditions, and the specifics of your tub’s equipment.

Try big-ticket items before you buy

When you are buying a hot-tub, swim-spa or pool, the details really matter. At Buds, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of products in each of these categories. What really sets each model apart are the distinctive features and design choices that you just need to see in person to fully understand. 

Consider a hot tub water-massage chair. You won’t really understand which model is right for you until you’ve sat in all the different versions, and found the one that fits you just right. 

The same can be said for so many different features on all of our products! 

In fact, at Buds you can even bring your bathing suit and actually sit in one of our hot tubs or swim spas before you purchase. Visit us in-store to learn more!

Easier returns & superior warranty protection

If you’ve ever tried to return or get support for a product you’ve bought online, you know what a hassle it can be. This is especially true for big ticket items. After-all, it’s not exactly an option to send your malfunctioning hot-tub filter in the mail. When you shop in-person, that means you’ll have a nearby point-of-contact if it's ever needed. At Buds, we’ll make on-site visits to assist with any warranty covered issues. You can also visit us in store for friendly advice on care and maintenance. 

But it's not just about the ease of coverage, Buds warranties also tend to be better than what’s available from online-only retailers. We’re proud to offer expert line products, most of which have a 3 year warranty

Competitive pricing & quality products

Many shoppers are drawn to buying online because they think they’ll get a better deal. At Buds, we work hard to provide pricing that is the same or cheaper than online retailers, while also offering superior quality products. 

Every product in our showroom has been thoughtfully selected for its proven performance track record. So you can stop guessing with questionable online reviews, and expertly chosen products you know you can count on.

Support local businesses

Another big issue with shopping online is that you’re often giving money to a company that has no connection to your own community. When you shop at Buds, you’re shopping at a business that has been a part of Hamitlon since 1967. We’re an award-winning local business that employs numerous people at our Ancaster and Dundas retail store locations. 

Almost everything we sell is also manufactured in either Canada or North America, which means you’re supporting our broader local economy in more ways than one! 

So if you want to support local businesses in the greater Hamilton region, it doesn’t get any more local than Buds!

Build relationships for future service

Our last great reason to shop in-person for all your hot tub, pool and swim spa needs is that you’ll be building relationships with a trusted team for any future service. Whether you’re taking advantage of our free water testing, cleaning and maintenance, or repair services, there’s nothing like the confidence that comes from working with the same team year-after-year.

Visit us in-person to see the difference for yourself!

Hopefully by now, we’ve convinced you that it's at least giving in-person shopping a try! We hope you’ll come see us at either of our two locations to get the shopping and service experience you truly deserve from Buds.