Practical tips for throwing your first pool party

With your new pool finally in the ground, it's time to give your friends, family, and neighbours what they've been waiting for: a pool party! You may have already had a few people over to take a dip in the new pool, but throwing a pool party brings with it some unique challenges. From preparing your pool for all those extra people to ensuring a safe environment for less confident swimmers and planning the party portion of your event, things can quickly get away from you. That's why we've put together this handy guide to make sure your pool party will rock!

How to prepare your pool for all those extra swimmers

At this point, you're probably well on your way to becoming a pool chemical mad scientist (in the best way). You know the perfect chemical balance to keep your pool fresh and clean, have optimized pH balance for pristine swimming conditions, and are well on your way to mastering the leaf skimmer salsa dance. But all those other sweaty, sunscreen-stained bodies jumping in the pool provide a new challenge for your perfect maintenance routine. 


To make sure that your pool can quickly recover to its pre-party perfection, make sure to have the right balance of chemicals and treatments for the heavy use it will get during the party. 


One week before the party, you might want to shock your pool so that it's in great shape at the start of the party. Consider adding enzymes to eliminate oily, waterline build-up caused by organic "pollutants" that can find their way into the pool. Pre-treating the water before the party makes sure your water will still be in good shape after everyone goes home. 


To properly prepare for a pool party, we suggest bringing in a water sample to one of our stores to find out how best to tackle chemical preparations.

Safety-first considerations for all levels of swimmers

Whenever you have people around the pool, your number one priority should be safety. Safety is especially important when it comes to pool parties, especially if kids are on the invite list. Even if your party is for a more mature crowd, you'll want to make sure that everyone is safe and responsible, especially if there is a lot of "partying" going on. 


Keep kids safe

If your party is going to be kid-friendly, make sure you have the proper flotation devices available. Young children and novice swimmers should always be outfitted with life jackets or water wings. 


Make sure pool features are in working order

Check that all equipment is safely secured and in working order. That includes making sure any bolts on stairs, hand railings, diving boards, and waterslides are tightened down properly. (If your pool is brand new, this won’t be an issue!) 


Have a "lifeguard" 

You don't want to ruin anyone's experience (including your own) by forcing them to "babysit" all day, but designating someone as a safety leader for the day can go a long way in ensuring that everyone does their best to swim safely. Designate a few lifeguards for the party; that way, they can take turns being responsible for safety. 


But first, a first aid kit

One of the most effective safety tools you can have at a pool party (or any party for that matter) is a first aid kit. Make sure it’s fully stocked with all the essentials. 

Other essentials for an awesome pool party

There are some other things you can do to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. While pool accessories like floaties, decor, and pool toys are an essential part of any party, we're talking about things that some people might consider less exciting. Things like extra towels, showers, and changing rooms. 


Having extra towels makes sure that people aren't leaving puddles in your living room on their way to the bathroom. It'll also help reduce slips and falls when decks, patios, and garage floors get soaking wet. 


Having a shower available will help reduce the amount of oil, dirt, grease, and sunscreen that enters the pool. A simple backyard hose will do the trick!


Changing rooms are a vital part of any pool party, especially if the event starts with everyone dressed in more formal attire. If you've got a shed, you can repurpose it for changing room duties, or block off the garage so people can get into their suits in private. 


That's that! You're all set to throw your first pool party in your new pool. All you need now is a theme, a menu, and a guest list.