Popular pool shapes with examples

You can have a vinyl-lined pool in any shape your heart (or your imagination) desires. That being said, there are some popular shapes that you'll hear discussed more often than others. You'll notice that a single category of pool can have several variations. You'll also notice that pool shapes can be blended (the Lazy 'L' Grecian is one example). This post includes a basic illustration of the shape, and pictures of some of the variations. Once you've got the basic lingo down, you'll be better able to identify the looks you like and talk to pool installers about them.


Kidney pool shape

Crescent straight back kidney-shaped pool
Photo: Buds
Crescent straight-back kidney
Straight-back kidney shaped pool
Photo: Buds
Straight-back kidney

Rectangle pool shape

Rectangular shaped pool
Photo: Buds
Rectangle with stairs
Rectangle shaped small pool
Photo: Buds
Rectangle shape with stairs

Roman pool shape

Roman shaped pool
Photo: Buds
Roman shaped pool with corner cutouts
Roman-shaped pool with rounded corners
Photo: pinterest.com
Roman-shaped pool with rounded corners
Grecian shaped icon

Grecian pool shape

Grecian shaped pool
Photo: pooldesignsnj.com
Grecian pool shape with stairs
Grecian shaped pool
Photo: myaustinelite.com
Grecian-shaped pool with stairs
Lagoon shaped

Free-form pool shape

Free-form pool shape
Photo: Buds
The name we give this pool shape is the Odysee
Free-form shaped pool
Photo: Buds
Another Odysee free-form pool

L-shape pool

L-shaped pool
Photo: designtrends.com
Traditional 'L' shaped pool
Lazy L pool
Photo: julianospools.com
Lazy-'L' shape

Wondering what pool shape is best for your yard? We have an article on that exact topic! 

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