Vinyl pool liner FAQs

If you have a vinyl inground pool, there’s only one thing standing between your sparkling clean water and the concrete and steel pool skeleton: the vinyl liner. We answer some of the most common questions about vinyl pool liners in this article. What colour is most popular? How much does a new liner cost? What should you use to clean your vinyl liner? What causes wrinkles? How do you find a liner leak—and can you repair it? Get all the answers here!

A well cared-for pool liner will give you 8 to 15 years of summertime fun before it needs to be replaced. The life of your pool liner will be shortened if you don’t keep your pool’s chemistry balanced, aren’t careful to keep liner-piercing debris out of the pool, let your dog scratch the liner, don’t close your pool carefully at the end of the season, or have a lower-quality or poorly installed liner.

Find out how Buds replaces a pool liner