Hot tub safety for families

Hot tubs have become popular ways for families to unwind together. After all, who doesn’t like warm water and bubbles? Here are some answers to common hot tub safety questions so you can focus on fun, knowing you’ve taken the proper precautions.

What’s a safe temperature for my hot tub?

According to Hydropool, a safe hot tub temp is usually between 95 and 104°F. For healthy adults, 100°F is recommended (for healthy children, dial that down to 95°F). In the summer, reduce the temperature to avoid overheating and dehydration.

How much sanitizer do I need in my hot tub?

According to Health Canada, hot tub water must be maintained at 3 to 5 ppm of free available chlorine or bromine.

How long should I stay in a hot tub?

A good rule of thumb is to soak for 15-30 minutes. Occasionally, a longer soak is usually safe but just make sure you have considered the important factors above and listen to what signals your body is sending you. If in doubt, end your soak. Hot tubs are a wonderful investment for your health, but they do need to be used safely.

Can I go in a hot tub if I’m pregnant?

According to the Mayo Clinic, there’s limited research that shows a small increased risk of neural tube defects in women who have fevers during pregnancy. Because 10 minutes in a hot tub can raise your body temp over 101°F, the Mayo Clinic recommends using caution. If you choose to go in a hot tub while pregnant, limit your time to less than 10 minutes, don’t sit near where hot water comes out and don’t submerge yourself too deeply.

How old should my kids be before they go in the hot tub?

Infants and toddlers should not go in hot tubs because they can overheat too easily, according to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance. They’re also prone to “accidents,” which make the hot tub immediately unsanitary. Children should be tall enough to stand on the bottom of the hot tub with their head and neck out of the water before they’re allowed in the hot tub.

How can I keep my kids safe in the hot tub?

Adult supervision is the key to keeping kids safe in and around a hot tub. Limit soaks to five minutes at a temperature of 95 °F. When the hot tub isn’t being used, make sure to use a lockable safety cover.