The inside scoop: Our Hydropool review

2019 marked 40 years since we started selling Hydropool products at Buds. That’s remarkable in itself—that two Canadian companies dedicated to pools and spas have been around long enough to have a relationship lasting four decades—but it also gives us some good insight on which to base a Hydropool review. Full disclosure: we only carry Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas, and we love them. Here’s why.

Why We Choose Hydropool

  • Top marks for longevity

    Hydropool has been in business since 1970 and made its initial splash in the commercial swimming pool industry, a market that has exacting standards and demands quality. In 1978, Hydropool became one of the first hot tub retailers in Canada. In 1997 they began selling swim spas (what we at Buds call swim spas). Today, their products are sold in more than 60 countries.

  • Top marks for loyalty

    Our relationship with Hydropool goes back to almost the very beginning, so we know they’ll take care of our customers. We have decades of experience with their products—both selling and servicing them—so we’re very familiar with their high standards for quality and know we aren’t going to sell something today that we can’t service five years from now. Because of the length of our relationship with Hydropool, we know their products inside and out. We like nothing more than when a customer comes back to Buds to say how happy they are with the hot tub or swim spa we recommended, which was different from the model they initially wanted, simply because we knew the questions to ask and the products that would fit the bill.

  • Top marks for innovation

    Hydropool has always pushed the industry to be better. They manufactured the world’s first carbon neutral hot tubs and swim spas and have standards rigorous enough to sell products in the state of California. They brag that they build the easiest hot tub in the world to maintain, and we agree. We never feel we’re settling when we recommend a Hydropool product to a customer.

  • Top marks for quality

    Hydropool’s award-winning hot tubs and swim spas are built for Canadian winters, and it’s common for them to last 15 years or more. We just removed an 18-year-old Hydropool hot tub for a customer, who replaced it with—you guessed it—another Hydropool spa. There’s no higher complement to Hydropool than a repeat buyer. (Except maybe a copycat hot tub and swim spa manufacturer—and there’s plenty of those, too!)

  • Top marks for being local

    Buying local is a priority of Buds, and another good reason that we love Hydropool, whose hot tubs and swimspas are manufactured in Mississauga. Products don’t have to travel far to reach our customers. Our technicians don’t need to travel far for training. Best of all, being so close, we can get parts and accessories pretty much on demand.

  • Top marks for training

    Hydropool is responsible for factory training all of Buds’s service technicians. That means if a Buds customer requires troubleshooting or service, it will be done by Buds employees who know the products very well. (As an added bonus, Buds is open year-round. If a customer has questions or requires service in the fall or winter, we’re there to work with Hydropool to honour warranties and get things fixed fast!)

Now you’ve learned why we love Hydropool, learn why Hydropool loves us!

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