Our Favourite Hot Tubs of 2024

Are you on a quest for the perfect hot tub? It can be overwhelming with the number of brands on the market. And searching for the "best" of anything is a bit misguided because the best of one thing for one person might be different for another person based on their individual needs.

First, determine your must-have features

Start by figuring out your must-have features for a hot tub. Think about size, seating, functionality, colour, etc. Our hot tub quiz can help you cover all the bases. Full disclosure: we only carry Hydropool hot tubs, and we love them for several good reasons that we'll cover.

Next, do your brand research

What separates the best hot tubs from the rest? Here are some things you'll want to consider:

  • Experience and reputation. How long has the manufacturer been around? Hydropool, our main squeeze, has been in business since 1970 and made its initial splash in the commercial swimming pool industry, a market with specific standards and demands for quality. In 1978, Hydropool became one of Canada's first hot tub retailers. Today, their products are sold in more than 60 countries!
  • Quality. You'll want to purchase a hot tub that will last you through the seasons and years. Hydropool's award-winning hot tubs are built for Canadian winters, and it's common for them to last 15 years or more.
  • Locally-grown. Buying local is a priority for Buds and another reason to love Hydropool, whose hot tubs are manufactured in Mississauga, and that includes parts and accessories. Locally made means that products don't have to travel far to reach our customers, and techs don't have to travel far for training.
  • You'll want your hot tub to be energy-efficient so you can save money on utilities and for the sake of the environment. Hydropool's energy-efficient filtration system filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes, so the hot tub doesn't have to operate as often to filter the same amount of water.

Read more reasons to love Hydropool.

Once you've selected your brand, narrow down your selection

Okay, so you decided you love Hydropool (just kidding!). Once your brand is covered, you can review the options based on your must-have features. The primary features we'll discuss are based on size and function.

You want a hot tub for larger family use and entertaining

In this case, we recommend at least a 6-seater to accommodate a family or group comfortably. Our favourite 6-seaters are:

Hydropool Serenity 6800

This ultra-spacious hot tub comfortably fits 6 to 7 people, foregoing the lounger to maximize seating and socializing. There's a style of seat to suit every taste, plus four personalized wellness zones for the ultimate hot tub experience. Easy-to-access non-slip steps are built right into the interior of the hot tub.



Hydropool Self-Cleaning 695

With this hot tub's high-capacity footwell, one of the largest in the industry, you can comfortably fit 7 in a compact 7' x 7' space. The corner seats provide targeted massage for the back, calves, neck, and wrists, and you can choose from 35 or 50 jets.


2021 Serenity 6800 Limited Edition

You want a hot tub for smaller family use and gatherings

If this is the case, we'd recommend a 3 to 6-seater hot tub. Here are our favourites:

Hydropool Self-Cleaning 495

Two loungers in this hot tub mean you double the fun, double the comfort…and a compact hot tub that fits four people without a game of footsie. Thanks to the no-float lounger design, your centre of gravity is low, so you stay comfortably anchored in the seat, no matter how much you let go of your stress.



Hydropool Self-Cleaning 570

This hot tub is the evolution of Hydropool's bestselling hot tub of more than 30 years. The no-float lounger plus four-seat model maximize ergonomics and comfort. With its spacious interior and multi-level seating, the 570 is roomy enough to treat you and your friends like royalty. At the same time, its European styling makes it a beautiful addition to anyone's castle.



Hydropool Serenity 6600

This hot tub offers a luxurious and spacious spa with all the bells and whistles (without stressing your budget). Furnished with two captain seats and four personalized massage zones, this hot tub provides a soothing hydromassage experience you'll pine for every day.




Once you've picked your model, decide on any add-on packages

An add-on package is optional, but we have recommendations that we consider worthwhile.


Tranquillity Package

The tranquillity package is a no-brainer if you want to use your hot tub for relaxation, hydrotherapy, peace and quiet; you get the idea. This package includes Hydrofall pillows for soothing relaxation, clears headaches, and provides tranquil sounds that will put you in zen mode. Also included are deluxe LED lighting and garden effects for an added ambiance that lights your entrance to the tub in the evenings and will complement your lovely landscaping lights.


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