Draining Your Hydropool Hot Tub

Your spa should be drained approximately every 8-12 weeks depending on the size of the spa and the amount of use it gets.

  • 1.

    Start by putting the tub on standby. Remove the filter from the tub. At this point, cleaning the filter with Filter Cleanse is needed.

  • 2.

    Take the tub off standby.

  • 3.

    Turn off the air controls to the tub, add Drain Prep, put the jets on and leave the tub for a minimum of 6 hours. Drain Prep will break down any oils, dirt or scale build up that has coated the lines of the tub.

  • 4.

    After 6 hours has elapsed, turn the temperature down. This will ensure that the tub will not come on to heat the water once the water level gets below the sensor in the tub.

  • 5.

    Activate the standby mode. This will stop the water flow in the tub without having to turn off the power.

  • 6.

    Remove the skimmer basket from the skimmer. Place an expandable plug in the hole of the skimmer.

  • 7.

    Attach your garden hose to the hose bib beside the spa pak. This is located behind the equipment panel, usually at the front of the tub.

  • 8.

    Run the hose out to the road or other drain facility.

  • 9.

    Close the return valve(s), usually located directly beside the hose bib.

  • 10.

    Open the hose bib and press the jet button once. The topside panel will show DRN to indicate that the tub is in drain mode. Water should then begin to drain out the end of the hose. Hydropool tubs are drained using the pump. The process is much faster because the water is being pushed through the tub and out the garden hose.

  • 11.

    As the water lowers, clean the waterline a few times using Tub Cleanse and a damp cloth. This will help to remove any dirt and clean the tub surface. Tub Cleanse is the only cleaner that we recommend using to clean the inside of any hot tub. Other chemicals can cause damage to the acrylic surface.

  • 12.

    When the spa has approximately 2-3 inches of water remaining, run a fresh water hose to the tub and turn it on. Continue to drain the hot tub for a few minutes allowing fresh water to circulate through the system. This will allow any residue from the Drain Prep or Tub Cleanse to be fully flushed out of the tub. It will also help to reduce the risk of letting air into the lines.

  • 13.

    After a few minutes, close the hose bib and open the return valve. The pump will still be running, so close your cover to prevent water spray.

  • 14.

    Once the tub is full, remove the plug from the skimmer, turn off the pump and take the tub off of standby. Roll up garden hose and put panel back on the tub

  • 15.

    Turn the temperature up to the desired level and the tub will now begin to heat.

  • 16.

    If there is no other hose available, drain tub to bottom, turn off pump, close hose bib, open gate valve, remove plug from skimmer and use the same hose to fill up tub. If you take out the plug in the skimmer and fill through that, it will help to alleviate any air locks.

*If there is no circulation, find the pump (the black unit usually located behind the spa pak), and bleed the air from it by loosening the union attached. Once a steady stream of water flows out, re-tighten the union. The water should then circulate within one minute.


*Remember to have your spa water tested every month to ensure proper water balance and optimum enjoyment. Please call us at 905.648.7727 or 905.529.5323 if you have any questions..