7 ahhhsome hot tub jets and what they do

Hot tub jets shoot heated water and air out of small holes, offering targeted massage of varying intensities and locations. They relieve tension, ease soreness and melt away stress. Without the jets, a hot tub is little more than a bathtub in your yard. Relaxing, sure, but not ahhhhmazing. Read on for a guide to hot tub jet systems, an explanation of 7 hot tub jets and some shopping advice.

An ahhhsome hot tub massage requires three components: plumbing, pumps and jets. They work together as a single system to produce the best therapeutic effect. When shopping for a hot tub, look for flow rate and optimum pressure, rather than simply horse power as well as a combination of the 7 jet types below. All jets aren't created equal. They can be single stream, dual stream, multi-stream, high volume, pressure ball activated and more.

Shopping guide: What to look for

  • high volume flow rate
  • bearingless design to increase jet life and prevent clogging
  • automated settings for specific therapeutic outcomes (e.g. headaches, back pain, insomnia)
  • jet "zones" to ensure a balanced, soothing massage


  • Directional jets

    This non-rotating water stream is the most basic of all jets. The direction of the water can be adjusted, but not much else. You’ll find it on all hot tub models.

  • Rotating jets

    The jet has a rotating action, which is often the most preferable type of massage because it imitates the type of massage you might get from a human massage therapist.

  • Waving jets

    Provides a waving sensation either back and forth or up and down.

  • Air jets

    Jets emit air down around your legs and lower back for a deep soft tissue massage.

  • Pulsating jets

    These jets provide a gentle pulsating massage reminiscent of the “kneading” of a hands-on massage.

  • Neck jets

    Neck jets can be wonderfully soothing therapy if you experience neck aches or headaches. Most manufacturers have designed neck jets into their hot tubs. Be sure that you purchase a hot tub
with neck jets that cascade through your pillow and are adjustable.

  • Foot jets

    Foot jets, which offer a soothing massage that benefits more than just your feet, are not found on many of the lower end hot tubs. And they’d be missed! According to an online article in Harvard University’s Health Beat, foot massage improves circulation, decreases tension, stimulates muscles and can relieve pain. Proponents of reflexology believe foot massage has positive impacts from relieving headaches to reducing anxiety.

The best way to determine if the hot tub manufacturer and model you’re considering offer the massage experience you’re looking for is to try it out. At Buds, you can even schedule your soak for after the store is closed!

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