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Swimpool vs. Small pool costs

Cost comparison: Small pool vs. swimpool

Cost comparison: Small pool vs swimpool If you only have room for a small pool in your yard, you can opt for a traditional pool or go for a swimpool (a small pool with an attached hot tub that’s also known as a swim spa). If your decision’s come down to dollars and cents, this … Continued


Can I heat a swim spa with gas and 9 more questions people ask

Swimpool? What’s that? We fast-track your swimpool learning curve with these 10 questions.


11 beautiful pools for small yards

Yes, a pool can fit in your small yard, and these 11 gorgeous examples prove it. From plunge pools and small fiberglass pools to tiny concrete pools and swimspas, there’s a material and design to fit your budget, family and space…


Pool vs. swimpool: The winner surprised even us

We’ve been installing pools since 1967, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we love them. The planning. The digging. The installation. And, of course, that first, delicious cannonball into the deep end…

HOW MUCH DOES A SWIMPOOL COST? (You might be surprised.)

How much does a swimpool cost? (You might be surprised.)

Most companies are a little secretive when it comes to sharing the cost of a swimpool (aka swimspa, endless pool or plunge pool). That’s frustrating for buyers, whose first question is almost always “How much does a swimspa cost?”…


Spring opening: How to treat and prevent algae

Green pools are often caused by algae growth in the water. This could take on the form of patches of green, yellow or black substances that fluffs into the water…


Helpful tips for maintaining your pool

New pool or new liner customers: please bring in a water sample (in the 1l sample bottle provided) to buds spas and pools before adding any chemicals…


How to treat and prevent cloudy water

Cloudy pools may occur due to a number of reasons. Cloudy water largely occurs because of poor water balance, lack of circulation, poor filtration or the depletion of chlorine/bromine…


How to clean a salt cell

It is important to maintain a clean salt cell so chlorine can be continuously produced. Salt cells that have a lot of scale or calcium build up can not effectively produce sanitizer and often create flow issues within the pool system…


How to treat and prevent metals and staining

If there is staining on the liner, fibreglass, or concrete in the pool that is dark and not able to be removed by scrubbing, it may be evidence of metals in the water. This may also cause the water to turn an abnormal colour…


Unicel cartridge cleaning instructions

WHEN SHOULD A CARTRIDGE ELEMENT BE CLEANED? For swimming pools, clean the cartridge when filter canister pressure reaches 8 PSI above the initial system or new cartridge starting pressure. For spas, establish a routine cartridge cleaning schedule based on the amount of spa usage…


Helpful tips for maintaining your hot tub

New hot tub owners: please bring a 1 liter water sample to us before adding any chemicals and/or before entering your hot tub for the first time…


12 swimpools we would love to take a dip in right now

From the living room to living the pura vida, these beautiful swimpools (aka swim spas or plunge pools) make us want to take a dip. Right now…


How to Clean a Sand Filter

Sand filters should be cleaned at least once per season, preferably in the fall before closing. You must clean your sand filter after encountering bouts of algae…


Summer maintenance: How to treat and prevent algae

Green pools are often caused by algae growth in the water. This could take on the form of patches of green, yellow or black substances that fluffs into the water when touched or stirred…


Pool opening instructions

1. Remove any leaves or debris from the top of your winter cover (this should not go in the pool). 2. Remove the water off of your pool cover by either using a submersible pump or siphon method. When using a submersible pump please ensure that the pump…

Swimming pool

Inground pool closing instructions

1. One week prior to closing, bring in a pool water sample so that your pool can be properly balanced for the winter months. It is natural for sitting water to become…

Above ground pool in the country

Above-ground pool closing instructions

1. One week prior to closing, bring a pool water sample to the store so your pool can be properly balanced. It is natural for sitting water to become acidic on its own…


Draining your Hydropool hot tub

Your spa should be drained approximately every 8-12 weeks depending on the size of the spa and the amount of use it gets…


How to safely close your hot tub or swim spa for winter

When one of our customers hadn’t used her hot tub for a single steamy soak over the past three winters, she decided to officially put it to bed for the season and called…

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