Hot tub tent sale

Our annual Hot Tub Tent Sale is back! Visit our Ancaster location June 20-23 for incredible Hot Tub savings of up to $6000. Choose the ideal hot tub model from Hydropool’s award-winning Signature & Serenity collections.  Sale inventory is limited, so please contact us if you want to reserve anything before it sells out! INVENTORY…

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Special Financing Offer

FINANCING MADE EASY, WITH A BONUS Apply for up to $100,000 + no interest and no payments for 6 months GET STARTED Get started in minutes, on any device. Apply Complete the application form and get a credit decision on the spot. Make your purchase Confirm your purchase details with your merchant and submit any…

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Red Tag Sale

Our Red Tag Sale is happening now and it doesn’t get any better than this! Save & pay later Save up to $6,000 on select Hydropool Swim Spas and Hot Tubs + get no interest & no payments for 6 months on approved financing.Stock is extremely limited this season, so contact us today to see…

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Benefits of In-Person Shopping for Hot Tubs, Pools & Swim Spas

Buds Spas showroom

We know that online shopping can be convenient. But at Buds we still believe that hot tubs, swim spas and pools, not to mention their parts and supplies, are best shopped for in person.

So while you might start your shopping journey online, we hope that you’ll take the chance to visit us in store before finally making your purchase.

There are many reasons why we think brick-and-mortar stores like Buds are the smart choice for customers.

Check out our top reasons and let us know if you agree!

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Should I finance my pool purchase?

Buds financing

In its most formal application, contrast hydrotherapy involves alternating between immersion in hot and cold water. It’s a practice with growing popularity among athletes and health enthusiasts for its many reported benefits.

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Treating Pseudomonas in a Hot Tub

How to treat Pseudomonas in a Hot Tub What is Pseudomonas? Pseudomonas is a skin infection resulting from exposure to contaminated spa water. Loss of sanitizer level and the temperature of the spa both pose as a breeding ground for this bacterium. Characteristics of Pseudomonas Pseudomonas is most commonly seen as an inflamed skin rash.…

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Treating Phosphates in a Hot Tub

How to Treat Phosphates in your Hot Tub What are Phosphates? Phosphates are a naturally occurring mineral in all water, however if they reach high levels they can cause issues in your spa. One issue that can occur is not being able to maintain a sanitizer level as the phosphates consume the bromine or chlorine.…

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Treating Biofilm in a Hot Tub

How to Treat Biofilm in your Hot Tub What is Biofilm? Biofilm is a rapidly reproducing colony of microorganisms surrounded by their protective slime in an aqueous environment. They grow on surfaces where water doesn’t flow and prefer environments where water is stagnant and void of sanitizer. In hot tubs, they are often found in…

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How to Drain your Serenity Hydropool Hot Tub

How to drain your Serenity Hydropool hot tub important reminders Your spa should be drained approximately every 8-12 weeks depending on the amount of chemicals added and the use it gets . Remember to have your spa water tested every month to ensure proper water balance and optimum enjoyment.  Please call us at 905.648.7727 if…

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How to Drain your Self-Clean Hydropool Hot Tub

How to drain your self-clean hydropool hot tub Before you start This post will guide you through the steps for draining your self-clean Hydropool hot tub. You will need 2 garden hoses, one for draining and one for filling. Your spa should be drained approximately every 12 weeks depending on the amount of chemicals added…

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