Fathers day sale

Dive into Savings this Father’s Day! Celebrate Father’s Day with a splash! At Buds’, we’re offering an unbeatable deal on our top-of-the-line robotic pool cleaners. Give Dad the gift of a sparkling clean pool with 10% off, saving you up to $200! But wait, there’s more! Visit us in-store for even greater discounts and personalized…

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Special Financing Offer

FINANCING MADE EASY, WITH A BONUS Apply for up to $100,000 + no interest and no payments for 6 months GET STARTED Get started in minutes, on any device. Apply Complete the application form and get a credit decision on the spot. Make your purchase Confirm your purchase details with your merchant and submit any…

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Benefits of In-Person Shopping for Hot Tubs, Pools & Swim Spas

Buds Spas showroom

We know that online shopping can be convenient. But at Buds we still believe that hot tubs, swim spas and pools, not to mention their parts and supplies, are best shopped for in person.

So while you might start your shopping journey online, we hope that you’ll take the chance to visit us in store before finally making your purchase.

There are many reasons why we think brick-and-mortar stores like Buds are the smart choice for customers.

Check out our top reasons and let us know if you agree!

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How to Treat and Prevent Metals and Staining

How to treat and prevent metals and staining Metals can be introduced into the water through foreign object or equipment, such as copper piping and fittings, heat exchanger, using copper sulphate and other copper-based algaecides, or source water. The presence of metals in pool water may cause staining to the liner, fiberglass, or concrete as…

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Should I finance my pool purchase?

Buds financing

In its most formal application, contrast hydrotherapy involves alternating between immersion in hot and cold water. It’s a practice with growing popularity among athletes and health enthusiasts for its many reported benefits.

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Above Ground Pool Closing Instructions

How to close your above ground pool Pool Closing Steps One week prior to closing, bring a pool water sample to the store so your pool can be properly balanced.  It is natural for sitting water to become acidic on its own so balancing the water is very important prior to closing your pool One week…

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The Benefits of Borate to Treat Your Pool

Why Your Should Use Borate In Your Pool What is Borate? Borate prevents pH drifting, which results in calcium scaling, metal stains, cloudy water, algae, and hard pool water. When you use borate, the water will remain clear for a long period since chloramine (or combined chlorine) does not form quickly as compared to a…

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How to Reduce Phosphates in Your Pool

How to Reduce Pool Phosphates What are phosphates? Phosphates are food for algae. Although they are present in all water, once they reach a certain level they can cause issues in your pool. Phosphates can consume chlorine causing a consistently low level in your pool. When you have an extremely low chlorine reading, your pool…

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Spring Set-up for Pool UV Systems

How To Open Your Pool’s UV System SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS When spring arrives, it’s time to pull out your UV system and get it ready for the summer pool season.  Below is a checklist that will help in getting the most out of your system.If your UV system is still installed on your pool equipment, shut…

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How to Treat Pool Algae

Buds algae questions

How to Treat and Prevent Algae How to Treat and Prevent Algae – Spring Opening Green pools are often caused by algae growth in the water.  This could take on the form of patches of green, yellow or black substances that fluffs into the water when touched or stirred.  The water may have discoloration, usually…

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