Why Hot Tub Filtration Matters

Why Hot Tub Filtration Matters

A lot goes into maintaining a hot tub, but it’s crucial that you do it regularly to maintain proper function and cleanliness. An essential part of hot tub maintenance is filtration, which keeps the water crystal clean and clear.


The Importance of Hot Tub Filtration

The filtration system is one of the most critical parts of your hot tub. The filtration system pumps the water through a microfilter, which traps contaminants and allows them to be easily removed. Like your Brita filter (hopefully, you aren’t using plastic water bottles!), where carbon blocks trap smaller contaminants and particulates. This filtering process is done automatically with programmed filtration cycles in most hot tubs.

The hot tub water will quickly fill with contaminants without a filtration system and make the hot tub non-functional. Contaminants can stem from fallen leaves, dust and debris, and anything that bathers bring into the tub like lotions, perfumes, spilled drinks, you name it. If left alone, the water will turn cloudy, algae start to bloom, and bacteria grows.

Types of Hot Tub Filtration Systems

There are two main filtration systems that hot tubs use: pressure side filters and the newer suction side filters.

Pressure Side Filtration

Pressure side filters act like that filtration system of an inground pool. In this system, the filter cartridge is smaller and housed in a sealed canister located on the pressure side of the pump. Water is pulled into the skimmer by the pump, where large debris is trapped inside the filter basket. A vacuum on the hot tub floor works with the skimmer to pre-filter the water to protect the pump and filter from clogging. Dirty water is sent through the pump and filter, and the clean water is sent back through the return jets.


These systems are more efficient in that their run time is short, saving money in terms of energy costs. The pressure side filtration system is also very effective, reducing the need for chemicals like clarifiers. The only drawback is that pressure side filtration systems cost more to manufacture, which increases the hot tub cost.


Suction Side Filtration

Suction side filtration is the most common system today. It works by placing the filter cartridge inside the skimmer on the suction side of the spa’s pump. The skimmer acts to catch debris, and the filter functions to remove pollutants and particulates. The clean water is then sent through the pump and gets sent back through the return jets.


Suction side filtration systems are cheaper to manufacture and install, but inefficiency is the drawback. With no vacuum installed on the hot tub floor, heavy debris will have to be removed manually, which is cumbersome. You also must run the system for more extended periods, 8 – 12 hours, which causes an increase in your energy bills.

Hydropool’s self-cleaning models use pressure side filtration, which cleans 100% of the hot tub’s water every 15 minutes! These models are the easiest to maintain if you are looking for low maintenance and highly efficient hot tub.


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