What To Consider When Buying Your Swim Spa

What To Consider When Buying Your Swim Spa

There are many different types and sizes of swim spas on the market. So, you need to narrow down your must-have features before purchasing. Consider your budget, available space, how you will be using the swim spa, and how many people will regularly use it.


The most important criterion is your budget. What are you willing to spend, and what sacrifices are you ready to make? The purchase price for swim spas can range from approximately CAD 7,000 to upwards of CAD 50,000, depending on the features and customizations. Not as cheap as you thought? There are some real tangible benefits of swim spas versus inground swimming pools, including year-round swimming, easy maintenance, installation flexibility and the option to take it with you when you move! For a more detailed breakdown of what a swim spa costs, click here.


When determining your swim spa's size, consider your available space. Measure out the open space in your backyard for a swim spa, leaving room for bathers to get in and out comfortably. You might also consider saving room for relaxation space and a seating area. If you are tight on space, the smallest models available are around 10 feet long and 7 feet wide. Keep in mind that the smaller swim spas are typically meant for aquatic therapy and exercise due to the space constraints.


How you and your family will be using your swim spa is an important consideration. You can segment potential usages into three categories: relaxation, fitness, and fun. You can also segment by user: adults, kids, and both.

  • Relaxation: If you're looking for a swim spa to soak in and relax, the swim tank's size will be less important than the space dedicated to therapy. For relaxation, you'll also consider the number of therapy jets and comfortable seating.
  • Fitness: if you are using your swim spa for fitness and swimming against the current, you will need a bigger tank! Consider what strokes you will be doing regularly as different swim strokes require more space and movement area—different strokes for different folks.
  • Fun: if you are using the swim spa for family fun, you'll want to make sure the swim spa is big enough to accommodate your family, friends, and kids' friends (not all at once). You might want to reserve a relaxation space for the adults; this 16-footer Hydropool model will fit the bill.

Photo: Hydropool [swim spa]
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Last but not least, who will be using your swim spa and how tall they are will factor into your purchase decision. We talked about adults, kids, and a mix of both as possible users. Do you envision just yourself using the swim spa for exercise and relaxation? Or will the whole family be out there relaxing together and having fun? This will factor into the ideal size of your swim spa.

Another factor is height. Are you and your family on the taller side? Then a 10-footer swim spa might not cut it. If space is no issue, then select at least a 14-foot model as that will leave enough room for the average family and will allow the current to function optimally.

Once you've considered the factors above, you can start researching the internet and checking out blogs and YouTube videos. These are often more helpful than product information on manufacturer's websites, which can be jargon-heavy.

Purchasing a swim spa is a significant investment, so it's important that you take the time to consider your needs and wants and ask your dealer plenty of questions in the selection process.

If you're thinking of taking the swim spa plunge, but aren't sure which size is right for you, take our quiz!