Pool Recovery After Harsh Winter Weather

Pool Recovery After Harsh Winter Weather

Another Canadian winter, another snowstorm. Your backyard is covered in snow, and so is your pool. Most people wouldn’t think twice about a significant snowfall on their pool since it’s covered for the winter. But in fact, you should be concerned with the state of your pool after severe winter weather. Sudden drops in temperature, heavy snow, ice, and high winds can all contribute to pool damage.

Snow accumulation

Snow accumulation can cause problems for your pool cover when you’re talking about more than 6 inches of snow. The weight of the snow can cause a lot of stress on your pool cover. And if that snow turns into ice, it can potentially cause rips and tears in your pool cover. If the cover is punctured, then your pool liner is liable to be damaged as well. To avoid spending money on pool repairs and maintenance, it’s important to protect your pool by removing any significant snow accumulation.


  • If the snow is light and powdery, you may be able to remove it with a leaf blower
  • If the snow is heavier and thick, you can try to remove it with a broom, leaf rake, or a telescoping pool pole
  • If the snow is frozen solid, wait for it to melt on its own and remove it with a cover pump


  • Break the ice with a sharp object like a shovel
  • Try to melt the ice on top of the cover
  • Step out onto the pool cover to remove snow - this is a safety hazard!


Perhaps the greatest threat of Mother Nature’s arsenal comes in the form of ice and freezing rain. Water in its frozen state is extremely heavy and can cause a lot of damage to things like power lines, trees, and even pool covers. To ensure that ice doesn’t threaten the integrity of your pool cover, remove the water as it melts naturally with a cover pump or backwash hose. Don’t have one? Buds carries a great selection.

High winds and fallen limbs

High winds and blustery weather can also wreak havoc on your pool cover. When windy weather is in the forecast, ensure that your pool cover is adequately secured to prevent the wind from throwing the cover around. And if high winds, ice storms or blizzards have created debris in your yard, with fallen tree limbs and twigs, make sure to carefully remove them and check to see if there’s any damage to your cover.


If you notice damage, here are some questions to consider for repairing or replacing a pool cover:

  • Is the tear bigger than 6 inches
  • Are there multiple tears
  • Is the cover old and showing signs of wear and tear
  • Is the cover outside of the warranty period

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s probably time for a new pool cover! And if storm winds have introduced a lot of debris into your pool water, you’ll want to take extra measures to clean it up in time for pool opening season. A good idea would be to clean up as much debris as possible and have your water tested immediately to point out any chemistry issues.

If you still have questions or need to troubleshoot or repair damage after a winter storm, speak with one of our Buds associates for the best winter pool care advice!