Pool Opening Instructions

  • 1.

    Remove any leaves or debris from the top of your winter cover (this should not go in the pool).

  • 2.

    Remove the water off of your pool cover by either using a submersible pump or siphon method. When using a submersible pump please ensure that the pump is not sitting directly on the pool cover. If there are any holes in the cover, including pin size holes, the water beneath the cover is drawn through and you can end up draining the pool.

  • 3.

    Remove the water bags (inground) or winch cord (aboveground) from your cover. Remove the cover while ensuring no remaining water that has been left on the winter cover spills into the pool.

  • 4.

    Clean the winter cover and water bags using an anti-mildew cover and water bag cleaner such as Cover Cleaner. Air-dry the cover and bags and store in a safe place free of mice and insects. Vinyl covers should be stored in a covered container with Cover Cleaner or Algaecide and water.

  • 5.

    Remove the winter plugs from your pool return(s) and your skimmer. Remove the gizzmo from your skimmer. Remove the foam rope from the main drain line.

  • 6.

    Reinstall eyeball and lock ring in return(s) of pool.

  • 7.

    Using Teflon tape reinstall all drain plugs on your filter, pump, chlorinator, Nature II and heater. Reinstall the pressure switch on your heater. Using Teflon tape, reinstall pressure gauge(s) and site glass on your filter. Ensure that they are hand tightened. Be careful not to over-tighten or cross-thread plugs or gauge(s). Reconnect any plumbing or valves you may have disconnected while winterizing your pool equipment and lines. Reinstall backwash hose.

  • 8.

    Remove expansion plugs from plumbing lines to salt chlorinator. Reconnect unions and wire leads to the unit. At this point the pool water is too cold for the salt chlorinator to work properly, and there is a risk of damaging the chlorinator in these temperatures. Therefore, you should wait until the water temperature reaches 65oF before turning the unit on.

  • 9.

    Scrub water line(s) around the inside perimeter of your pool and steps and clean coping using a pool friendly cleaner such as Amaze.

  • 10.

    Fill the pool with water until it reaches 3/4 of the way up the skimmer. Put skimmer weir and basket back in the skimmer. Put pump basket back into the pump. Lubricate all o-rings with silicone lubricant before placing them back where they go.

  • 11.

    Put a new cartridge into your Nature II system.


  • 12.

    Reinstall pool ladder(s) with escutcheons. Please make sure that you tighten the ladder anchors (inground) or screws (aboveground) when you install the ladder(s) for security.

  • 13.

    Reinstall diving board and reconnect all slide hardware.

  • 14.

    Turn filter handle to the drain/waste position. Prime pool pump and start. Once the antifreeze has been flushed from the suction lines and equipment, shut pump off. Turn filter valve to the filter position then turn pump back on. Check all equipment and pool plumbing for dripping or leaks. Fix drips or leaks if required.

  • 15.

    Vacuum pool if necessary for any sediment on the pool bottom. Backwash pool after vacuuming if necessary.

  • 16.

    Fill chlorinator with Aqua Foot/Maxi Pucks or fill brominator with Bromine Tablets. Some customers will also add a shock and algaecide treatment before coming in to get the water tested.

  • 17.

    Allow pool to circulate for 24-48 hours, then bring a sample of pool water into Bud’s Spas and Pools for testing at our lab facility.

  • 18.

    Balance your pool as required using the water analysis instruction sheet.

  • 19.

    If you did not clean your sand filter before you winterized your pool, we suggest that you clean your sand filter upon pool opening using Filter Cleaner.