Backyard Guide to Winterizing Your Pool for 2022

Winterizing protects your pool and your home

What price do you pay for winterizing too late in the season?

Whoops, did you forget what tools are needed for properly winterizing your pool?

When it comes to closing your pool for the season, Buds Spas has all the hardware, tools and accessory items required to safely maintain coverage over the winter. Whether its protecting against high winds, rainfall, or ice damage we have the experience to securely close your pool before the season is over. 

Learning how to winterize your pool the right way will save hours of maintenance and headaches during opening season. This way, you can enjoy your pool for the entirety of the summer season. 

Here are some helpful tips to consider when winterizing an inground or above ground pool. Click here for a more detailed guide assembled by our experts.

Before you get started

Wait until pool season is officially over, when the weather is consistently around 18 degrees Celsius or lower. 

First, consider your toolkit and materials. Do you have the following? 

  • Pool test kit and strips
  • Pool skimmer
  • Chlorine
  • Pool balancer
  • Pool vacuum
  • Pool cleaning kit
  • Shock
  • Pool cartridge filter
  • Pool cover supplies

1. Test the water

Use testing strips or an at-home pool test kit and balance your water based on the test results. Ideal levels should be:

  • Alkalinity: 80 - 50 ppm 
  • Hardness: 175 – 275 ppm 
  • pH levels: 7.2 – 7.6 

2. Clean the pool and the filter

  • Remove any floating debris with a pool skimmer
  • Use a pool vacuum for removing debris on the pool floor
  • Make sure to empty the skimmer baskets
  • Backwash the filter and thoroughly clean it 

3. Shock your pool to destroy bacteria

  • Shock your pool according to the manufacturer’s guidelines 
  • Remember to circulate your water for at least 4 hours to allow the product to dissolve and disperse properly

4. Run your pump after treating with algaecide

  • Remember to let the pump run for a minimum of 24 hours to let the product circulate effectively 

5. Turn off all pool equipment for the winter

  • Consider partially draining your pool to below the skimmer and return lines. Check with your municipality for any rules around discharging pool water.  
  • Remove all drain plugs 
  • Remove pool pump, chlorinator, and hoses
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions whether you have a sand filter, cartridge filter, or DE filter 

6. Securely cover your pool for the winter season

  • Remove the fitting on your return line and plug it appropriately
  • Drain pool if you haven’t done so already, just below skimmer and return lines 
  • Remove ladder and any other deck equipment. Diving boards and slides can be left out over the winter, but it’s recommended to cover them with builder’s plastic. 
  • Put on the pool cover and secure with proper winter cover clips. Fabrene cover owners will need to unfold their water bags, fill them with water and place them around the pool’s perimeter. 

Some winter reminders

  • Check your water levels regularly
  • Drain any excess water off the cover as it accumulates
  • Regularly remove any leaves or debris from the cover 

Professional pool closing services vs. DIY winterization

Buds Spas offers professional closing services to protect your swimming pool from the wear and tear of winterization. While it is important to understand the fundamentals of winterizing your own pool, hiring professionals can save time and money wasted on unnecessary repairs and maintenance. This allows for a longer swimming season with more time spent enjoying your pool instead of worrying about when to close it!

Shop our online pool supply store for pool closing supplies or reserve winterization services before the summer falls into winter season.