How do I decorate around my pool?

There’s no denying a pool is a beautiful thing - crystal clear aquamarine water lapping in the summer sunshine. It’s a pretty awesome sight to behold. But when you want to create a real ‘wow’ experience in your backyard, you need to make the area around your pool pop too. 

Where do you get started with decorating around your pool? We’ve got some expert tips to make your entire backyard shimmer and shine this summer.


    This one’s a no-brainer, but poolside planters can elevate the entire vibe of your backyard. If you’ve got a salt-water pool, consider salt-loving options like Century Plants that can survive salty splashes. For a pop of colour, Daylilies or Blanket Flowers work a treat. Pools are also a magnet for mosquitoes - so help keep those critters at bay with mosquito-repelling flowers like Citronella and Geraniums.

    And it’s not just flowers and plants that will bring your pool to life. For other greenery, try shrubs, trees (for creating some privacy in your backyard, consider Boxwoods, Dogwoods, Oaks & Cedars), and succulents (for larger ones, try Crassula or Yucca and for smaller varieties, try Aeonium and Sedum). 

    There are some tried and tested tips when it comes to selecting poolside flora. Consider selecting evergreen plants when possible, as they’ll provide year-round visual interest, even in the off-season. Also, avoid selecting any shrubs or trees that shed too much. Falling or decaying organic material can stain your hardscape, not to mention the pain of constant clean-up. 


    Outdoor lighting is so crucial when it comes to creating an ambiance in your backyard. Once the sun dips down for the day, make sure you have some elegant lighting to set the mood. We recommend in-ground directional lights to help guide the way. These can be around the pools, in-set in stairs or placed around walkways. 

    You can also consider moonlighting, where lights are mounted on trees or roof gables to create the perfect midnight swim experience. Also consider landscape lighting where trees, plants and other features are illuminated with strategically placed lights. 

    You can also pick up some tiki torches, outdoor string lights and lanterns to help illuminate your deck, tables and sitting areas.

How do I decorate around my pool?

    Even the most hardcore swimmer needs to take a little break from the water every once in a while. Make sure you have a lounge area that is both stylish and comfortable. You’ll want to invest in durable, long-lasting outdoor seating that can withstand water and dry quickly. Consider a variety of seating options like patio couches and chaise lounges. Don’t forget to include outdoor side and coffee tables as well, and storage containers to hold books, sunscreen and other outdoor must-haves.

How do I decorate around my pool?

    If you want your backyard to scream summer fun, consider investing in some lifesize outdoor party games like Jenga, Chess or Connect 4. If you’re looking for smaller-scale games, consider all-time classics like bean bag toss, croquet and horseshoes. Either way, adding a games station around the pool will help the fun continue once you’re out of the water.


    Creating shady spaces is crucial for any poolside space. Your best bet is to pick a few large, moveable umbrellas that can protect you and your guests from the sun’s rays, and be repositioned as it moves across the sky during the day.

How do I decorate around my pool?

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