COVID-19 Shortages for Pool Supplies

Understanding 2021 Chlorine & Pool Supply Shortages

The New Normal: Pool Supply Backlogs & Industry Shortages

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While the world struggles with the challenges brought on by the COVID pandemic, our industry faces service restrictions, a shortage of chemicals and water cleaning supplies, backlogs for service requests, and complex COVID restrictions. Supply shortages combined with unprecedented demand for pool materials have created the perfect storm to prevent new pool builds from being completed on time.  The entire industry has been impacted by unprecedented wait times for PVC, Vinyl, Pumps & Liners required to service residential pool builds.

Increased Pool Demand due to COVID-19

With increased anxieties around COVID and its stubborn variants, many families are forgoing nonessential trips outside the home. A lack of access to activities outside the home, combined with one of the hottest summers on record, has led to an increased demand for pool and hot tub installations. 

Vinyl Materials, Pool Liners, Pumps & PVC

Some of the most common pool supplies have become difficult to acquire. Necessary elements of a clean and hygienic swimming environment, like chlorine tablets or sodium chloride products, have become increasingly scarce. This scarcity stems from international shipping restrictions due to the pandemic, putting pressure on supply chains for essential goods and services.

Is it Safe to Swim in a Pool without Chlorine?

Low or limited chlorine levels are manageable at first – but can eventually pose a significant health risk. While following a strict personal hygiene regimen before entering and leaving any pool is important, it is especially necessary when dealing with limited chlorine supply. Chlorine alternatives such as UV Treatment can mitigate bacteria, but they can be pricey. 

Without the proper chemicals or filters, your pool can become a breeding ground for microbes, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. This can create harmful black algae environments which can wreak havoc on your entire swimming pool. 

Timeline for Manufacturing & Regular Supply Chain

COVID has been unpredictable in its course, and its disruptive nature is expected to impact pool supply chains for many years to come. So, it is important to be patient with timelines and reserve your service early to avoid any major headaches. 

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