Storage Ideas for Hot Tub Chemicals

Storage Ideas for Hot Tub Chemicals

While hot tub chemicals may not “spark joy” on their own accord, the hot tub experience itself should! Think about relaxing in your hot tub and pay attention to how your body feels. You might imagine the soothing effect of the warm water and the massaging effect of the jets, and suddenly you feel the tensions of the day ease away. You can also inspire a sense of calm by organizing and tidying things like your hot tub chemicals (or pool chemicals for that matter), a la the KonMari Method™.


When you reassess your belongings and organize your home, you feel transformed. Now that might be a bit of a stretch when we’re talking about hot tub chemicals, but the principles still apply! And who knows, the process might inspire a “tidying festival,” as Marie Kondo refers to designating a home for every single one of your cherished items.


We’ve put together some ideas for organizing your hot tub chemicals, so they are accessible, orderly, and out of reach for curious children and pets.

Deck Bench Hidden Storage

A deck bench with hidden storage is an appealing way to hold your hot tub or pool chemicals. It’s multi-functional, as it serves as a seating solution and a storage solution. A latch will work to keep out any prying little hands.


The drawback for deck benches with hidden storage is that they will be placed outdoors, subject to temperature extremes and humidity. High heat can cause spa chemicals to expand, and freezing temperatures can decrease potency.


Rubbermaid Storage Unit

This type of cabinet is ideal for garage or shed storage and can even be mounted for added precaution. To avoid temperature extremes, you can situate the cabinet indoors.


Sterilite Bins

A favourite method for many hot tub owners, storing your chemicals in a portable plastic box allows you to keep them out of reach and dry (even outside!). You could store the bins indoors in a secured closet for added precaution, depending on size.


The problem with Sterilite bins is that bottles tend to get thrown in and banged around, leading to a chemical spill.

Over-the-Door Organizer

Generally used for toiletries or shoes, an over-the-door organizer is an innovative way to store your smaller bottles of hot tub chemicals and test strips. Ensure to store these inside a locked laundry or supply closet to keep away from children. The advantage here is that products are kept visible and snug in their little pouches.

Hot Tub Chemical Storage Tips

  • Store your chemicals in a climate-controlled environment (between 50- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Keep your hot tub chemicals dry (humidity can affect potency)
  • Store balancers separately from sanitizers
  • Always keep chemicals out of reach for children!
  • Make sure to close all lids properly before storing


Hopefully, these tips will help you get organized or inspire a tidying session for your other belongings! If you are running low on chemicals, be sure to stock up in-store or online.