The best pool equipment products for 2021

We’re finding more customers with older pool equipment are opting to replace their systems before that fateful day when the pump, filter, heater, chlorination system or pool cleaner stops working. Not only are newer systems more reliable, but they have fantastic money and energy saving features. Researching the best pool products available to the southern Ontario consumer can be daunting, however. Here are our top product recommendations to help narrow your choices.


    We recommend Hayward’s single speed Super Pump 700 to our budget-minded customers (item# SP2670007X10C). The Super Pump 700 offers maximum efficiency and reliability for a single speed pump. It’s easier to install and service than some other single speed pumps, offers superior corrosion resistance and has a totally enclosed fan-cooled motor. We also like the extended two-year warranty.


    Hayward’s MaxFlo VS 500 230 Volt single phase pump (item # SP23520VSP) is a drop-in variable speed pool pump that’s ideal when you’re upgrading your system. The variable speed motor offers 80% energy savings over single speed pumps and you’ll love how quiet it is! This variable speed pump is fully programmable and can operate independently, with Hayward automation or with a non-Hayward automation system. The three-year extended warranty is also attractive.


    We’re big fans of Hayward’s Swim Clear cartridge pool filters. They offer finer filtration than other filters and don’t require backwashing, which can save you up to 2,500 gallons of water a year. (Water savings equals savings in chemicals and heating, too.) You can get from 225 to 700 sq. ft. of dirt-holding capacity, but we find the 325 ft. cartridge (item # C3030) is sufficient for most of our customers.


    Surprise, surprise, we’re recommending another Hayward product, this time the Universal H-Series pool heater. It’s a commercial grade product with a cupro-nickel heat exchanger that has excellent corrosion resistance in chemical and salt water environments and low NOx emissions for better air quality. Reduced pump run time can save you up to 18% in energy costs. It’s available in both natural gas and propane models.


    If you’re looking for convenient sanitization and soft, silky water, look no further than the AquaRite 900 series from Hayward. Part of its “Expert Line,” the AquaRite 900 is simple to use (we love the easy-to-read digital display), is compatible with smart pool controls, and allows you to convert from a traditional chlorine pool or upgrade an existing salt system. The four-year warranty is great.


    The Navigator V-Flex from Hayward offers high performance for a value price. Unlike some other suction cleaners it can be used with variable speed pumps and does both the floors and walls on most pools. We’re impressed with the size of the dirt and debris it can pick up and its quick connection to your skimmer or suction port—no tools required.


    When it comes to robotic cleaners, we recommend the Polaris brand. There’s no pool floor or wall that can’t be tackled with either the P945, P955, or best of all, the VRX IQ+. All three offer easy-lift technology, a seven-day programmable cleaning cycle, 4-wheel drive, and vortex vacuum technology. Purchase your Polaris through Buds and you receive a three-year extended warranty. While we recommend Polaris robotic pool cleaners, we’re also an authorized repair depot for Hayward robotic cleaners and we’re happy to handle your warranty repair for either brand if you purchased it elsewhere—just bring in proof of purchase.


We hope our top recommendations help you narrow down your choices for new pool equipment. If you’re wondering about compatibility with your existing set-up, curious about costs or wondering how much life remains in your existing equipment, we’re happy to help. Just click the button for a free equipment consultation!