6 amazing above ground swimpool set-ups

By keeping your swimpool (also known as a swimspa) above ground on a simple concrete pad, you'll save tens of thousands on installation. What's that you said? Above ground swimpools can't look good? These 6 stunners prove that choosing the right colour decking, using the perfect stone and using space and plantings can turn your swimpool into a backyard oasis that can be used all year round. 

Above ground swimpool deck colour

Idea #1: Blend it in

By having the deck from your house at the level of the swimspa on two sides, you create an inground appearance for much less money than it would cost to sink your swimpool in the ground. The elongated stairs give the impression of a slope down to the lowest level of the swimpool. The coordination of deck colour and swimspa cabinet create a seamless look.

Above ground swimpool glass

Idea #2: keep it clean

The owners of this 12-foot Hydropool swimpool have invested in a custom glass wrap, a special base, and custom stairs for a rooftop application where it wouldn't be possible to recess the swimspa.

Above ground swimpool stonework

Idea #3: A view from above

These Hydropool swimspa customers have tucked their swimpool against a wall and stairs. The scale of the house and the height of the deck and stairs makes the walls of the swimpool seem shorter, and means many of the views of it will be from above. One side of the swimpool is built as a "bar," which gives the swimpool a functional reason to be elevated. Strategic lighting under the bar top emphasize this function and create visual drama at night.

Above ground swimpool wood

Idea #4: Be noticed

Instead of trying to hide their swimpool, these owners put the focus on its vertical walls. A simple stained cedar surround and elegant matching stairs give it a rustic spa look. The vertical lines of the surround are a nice complement to the lines that delineate the gravel and turf areas of the yard and the lines of the cedar hedge.

Above ground swimpool deck colour

Idea #5: Matchy match

The cabinet of this swimpool blends nicely with the deck, interlocking stone and rattan patio furniture. Ornamental grasses around the base of the swimpool add visual interest and soften the vertical walls. Again, having the top of the swimpool at the height of the deck on two sides gives the impression of being inground without the cost. The sloped garden and dry stone walls are higher that both the swimpool and the deck, making them feel closer to ground level and giving a cozy, private feeling to the yard.

Above ground swimpool stonework

Idea #6: walk on up

Brick stairs that match the patio and extend the full length of this Hydropool swimspa give the impression that the pool is recessed into the patio, not sitting above it. The dark cabinet makes the walls of the swimpool appear to recede, and blend well with the dark bricks of the patio and stairs.

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