8 things you should never do to your hot tub cover

Ahhh, that new spa cover smell. Whether you’ve just had a new swim spa or hot tub installed or recently replaced a worn out cover, keep it looking and functioning like new for as long as you can using these hot tub cover maintenance tips.

  • 1. Don’t clean it with detergent

    Detergent can cause a foaming and algae problem in your tub or spa. Also avoid any cleaners containing bleach, silicone or alcohol, as these ingredients can damage the vinyl. Instead, every 1 to 3 months, remove your cover, wash the top, sides and bottom with water and apply a marine vinyl cleaner (we recommend using a product specifically developed for spa covers). Apply more product along seams and any spots where water puddles. Then protect the exterior of your cover with a vinyl conditioner. This step seals the cover, which will keep dirt from getting into the vinyl pores, and will help protect the cover from the sun’s harsh rays. 

  • 2. Don’t use a razor blade to remove sap

    Many varieties of trees produce sap in the spring, which can fall on your cover and harden. To remove it from your cover, rub any oil you’d use in your kitchen—vegetable oil or mayonnaise will work—into the sap. Rinse with water, then carefully scrape or chip the sap off with your fingernail (don’t use anything that could damage or tear the vinyl).

  • 3. Don’t ignore signs of damage

    You can prevent and repair small problems that, if you ignore them, will affect the integrity and longevity of your spa cover. Inspect the inside of your spa cover to make sure the foam core and vapour barrier are in good condition. Check the zipper for any mold or mildew. Look for stitching that’s coming loose, problems with hinges, and any small rips in the vinyl. Check your cover clips to make sure they’re able to keep your cover secure through a bad storm.

  • 4. Don’t use a shovel or scraper to remove snow

    Snow is heavy. Use a soft bristle broom or brush to remove it soon after it’s fallen, since a shovel or scraper is likely to damage the vinyl. For an extra layer of protection, buy a hot tub cover cap (also called a winter cover) to fit snugly over top of your hard spa cover.

  • 5. Don’t forget to test your water

    Test your water weekly and keep it balanced. This will prevent bacterial growth and chemical overdosing, both of which can be hard on your spa cover. Bring 1L of your hot tub or swim spa water to Buds every month and we’ll do the testing for you, for free.

  • 6. Don’t add chemicals and put your cover on right away

    The same chemicals that keep us safe will harm your cover in high concentrations. Wait 1 hour before putting your cover back on after treating the water.

  • 7. Don’t let your cover stay wet

    A hot tub or swim spa cover that’s never given the chance to fully dry out will not last as long as one that’s allowed to dry completely once a month.

  • 8. Don’t forget to use a thermal spa blanket

    Available in bubble or foam styles, these “blankets” float under your spa cover, reducing evaporation, increasing insulation and protecting the underside of your spa cover. They’re especially great for the winter.

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