Battle of the Solar Covers Solar blanket vs. liquid solar pool cover

We all want to save money and resources, but liquid solar pool covers are commonly overlooked. So, what is a liquid solar pool cover? To put it simply, a liquid solar pool cover (or blanket) is an evaporation suppressant. The liquid solar blanket is often compared to putting a lid on a boiling pot of water. It creates an invisible barrier on the surface of the water and helps to control the rate at which the vapour escapes from the pool.

Liquid solar blankets are not meant to heat your pool or replace your heater, they simply retain the radiation from the sun therefore keeping the water warmer for longer and allowing for less water to evaporate. Less evaporation of course means having to add water to the pool less frequently, resulting in cost and energy savings.

When evaporation occurs, only pure water leaves. This of course means the water left in the pool will have a higher TDS (total dissolved solids) reading and higher calcium hardness. If the source water you're filling your pool with has metals or phosphates, that's another potential expense, since getting rid of metals and phosphates ends up costing money for labour and chemicals.


When does evaporation occur most in your pool?
  • When your pool has a large surface area
  • When your water temperature is higher than surrounding air
  • When it's windy
  • When it's humid
  • When there's strong radiation from the sun

Now you might be asking yourself why you would use a liquid solar blanket rather than a physical solar cover. One of the biggest reasons simply comes down to the size and the storage required to keep a solar blanket in good condition. Simply, the solar blanket distracts from the beauty of the pool! Some pool owners are even convinced they use their pool less because they dread having to deal with their solar blanket every time they get in and out of their pool. On the other hand, the liquid solar blanket continues to work when people are swimming in the pool. The tension formed at the surface of the water is broken by the swimmers but reforms quickly.


How to use a liquid solar pool cover
  • With circulation running, add product to the skimmer (this disperses the monomolecular layer on the surface of the water)
  • If desired, use a physical solar blanket and liquid solar blanket at the same time for double the protection

Now you've got the low-down on solar covers, get some helpful tips for maintaining your pool!