Whether you’ve got an above-ground, on-ground or in-ground pool, here’s why you should choose Buds for your swimming pool liner replacement.

The best team in the biz

When Buds does your vinyl pool liner replacement, you’re getting a single, hard-working, well trained, carefully supervised pool renovation crew that will see the project through from accurate quote to fabulous finish. We’ve got more than four decades of experience in swimming pool liner replacement and renovation—and the results speak for themselves.

No surprises

Our pool renovation team spends the time to give you the most accurate quote possible, based on a professional assessment of your pool: its size, how it was installed, and any other opportunities or challenges the job will present. Does your coping need replacing? Are your pool bottom and walls in good shape? We give you all the information you need to make informed choices without pressure.

The best quality pool liners, made in Canada

Call us control freaks, but we need a solid guarantee of vinyl quality and product reliability. That’s why Buds never uses swimming pool liners manufactured offshore. Plus, by dealing with Canadian manufacturers, we’re able to establish long-term relationships and pass along the benefits to our customers. Our liners look gorgeous…and some colours and patterns are exclusive to Buds.

Excellent warranty support

Every pool liner replacement done by Buds comes with a one-year workmanship warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty, which is only valid if you maintain recommended water chemistry and balancing. The good news is if you bring your pool water for testing at Buds, we’ll put your results in our database—proof to the liner manufacturer that you’re diligent about your chemistry so warranty claims are a snap.

Competitive financing

A typical swimming pool liner replacement is less than $5000. It’s a small price to pay for a pool that looks brand new, but if the expense doesn’t come at the best time for your family’s pocketbook, Buds can help you arrange competitive financing for the project. Play now…and pay later.