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When it comes to heating, cleaning, lighting, covering and controlling your pool, today’s equipment does the work so you don’t have to. Even better, innovations such as timers, automation and variable speed pumps can cut your energy costs by hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year. If your equipment is nearing the end of its life, there’s no better time to upgrade.

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Looking for the perfect lounger for your tanning ledge? A gorgeous plant that never needs watering, is immune to chlorine and blooms forever? Glassware that can stand up to being driven over by a truck? (Okay, don’t test that one.) Buds is the source for specialty items you can’t find anywhere else (and pool floaties the kids will love). Come to our Ancaster store…and start your treasure hunt!


is best

If there’s an easier, healthier and more environmentally friendly way to take care of your pool or hot tub, we’ll source the product and stock it. That’s what we did for hot tub chemicals—we carry a simple, 3-step system that’s as close to natural as you can get. Available as a pouch, puck and cube, the cube eliminates the need for six other products. It’s just one example of our commitment to innovative products.


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