Compare pool liner colors in water

The colour of a pool liner changes the second you add water, which makes it hard to decide which liner to choose. We've put together this post to help. You'll see three of our most popular and trendy light-toned, medium-toned and dark-toned Latham pool liners shown in a single pool during the day and at night. It's as close as we can get to a side-by-side comparison of pool liner colors in water so you can choose yours with confidence.

LIGHT-TONED Latham Colour: Crystal

This light-coloured classic turquoise pool liner reflects plenty of light, offering a tranquil look during the day and turning your pool into an eye-catching centrepiece when lit up at night.


Latham Colour: Fresco II

Latham's Fresco II pool liner's blue-grey pattern offers a more muted and rich look during both day and night, while still being calming and light.


Latham colour: Urban Marble

When you look at this liner out of the water, it looks markedly more grey-beige than Crystal or Fresco II. Once in water the difference is subtle, but this liner does have more of a green-blue, tropical look while still being light and tranquil.


Medium-toned Latham colour: Blue Mosaic

This mid-tone blue pool liner is a bright and beautiful option for both day and night. The classic symmetrical tiling looks sophisticated under the pool coping and has a subtle shimmer under the water.


Latham colour: Disco Pearl

Out of the water, the wavy mosaic tiling of Latham's Disco Pearl liner has a dramatic mix of royal and turquoise blues. In the water, the rippled pattern and colour combination give the pool more sparkle during the day and pattern at night.


Latham colour: Pixel Blue Pearl

This intense mid-tone liner is a blue fit for royalty. Out of the water and up-close, the liner has an irregular pattern of bright and dark blues. In the water, the blue gets smoother, deeper and richer, both at night and during the day.


Dark-toned Latham colour: Deep Blue Fusion

This dramatic blue liner has a blend of dark and lighter blues that mimics light reflecting off a deep pool. The pattern, coupled with the shades of blue, makes the pool water look more vibrant during both the day and at night than many dark-toned blue pool liners.


Latham colour: Butterfly Effect Pearl

This irregular-shaped mosaic tile pattern in greys, grey-blues and blacks, when in water, gives pools a sparkling lagoon-blue look during the day and a rich muted-blue look at night.


Latham colour: Onyx

Latham's Onyx liner is a dark, grey-brown pebbled color outside of water. In water, this liner gives a dramatic and mysterious look to the pool during the day—more like a backyard pond or lake than a pool. At night, the pool becomes a subtle accent rather than a centrepiece—perfect when you want the focus on another element of your landscape.


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