Swim Spas – Water Fitness and Relaxation Combined

Self-cleaning Swim Spas from Hydropool offer you the benefits of water-based exercise and hydrotherapy in a compact space. If you love swimming but lack the space or the budget for a full-size pool, the Swim Spa is for you.

Exercise, Family Fun, and Relaxation in One Package

Swim Spas combine the fitness opportunities of a full-size pool with the luxuries of the spa, all in one small package.

Our Hydropool AquaSport line, offers an affordable alternative to traditional swimming pools. Fun for the entire family, the AquaSport line is great for swimming or relaxing. Made for the everyday athlete, the current speed is 3.5 MPH and has a flow rate of 6.4 KPH. Great for resistance therapy!

Our Hydropool AquaTrainer models are made with the more serious athlete in mind. With a wider, deeper, smoother current and variable flow and swim intensity, this swim spa can be adjusted to suit anyone from Novice to Triathlete! Speed can be adjusted from 0 to 11 MPH and flow rate is adjustable from 0 – 18 KPH. Perfectly suited for interval training!

It is the world’s first self-cleaning swim spa, ideally suited to serious athletes and casual swimmers. Because it cleans 100% of the water every 40 minutes, you can worry less about cleaning and spend more time relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends.


Water-based exercise offers tremendous benefits over land-based exercise: Water supports your body, making it possible to do movements that you may not otherwise be able to do; with water’s buoyancy, there is less impact on your joints; the resistance of the water offers a gentle but more intensive workout; the massaging effect of the water can help you release more stress and tension as you exercise and get fit; water exercise suits the needs of people of all ages and all fitness levels.

How the Swim Spa Works

The Swim Spa is a one-piece miniature pool, made of fiberglass-reinforced acrylic. It produces a resistant current that can be set to varying strengths, depending on the fitness level of the person using the pool.

It also includes an Aquacord swim-in-place harness for swimming or to provide resistance during exercise. Creating a treadmill feel for even more exercise options. For swimming, water aerobics, jogging or even walking, you can use the Swim Spa and get fit.

In addition to ample space for water exercise, the self-cleaning Hydropool Swim Spas are offered in an iX and fX model. Between two and four hydrotherapy seats can been found in the fX models and the DTfX model has an isolated and separately-controlled hot tub area.

You really can enjoy the best of both worlds

The ultimate in water-based fitness and relaxation. And with its small size, the Swim Spa is easier to maintain and more affordable than a traditional swimming pool. It also offers more versatility – it can be installed indoors or out, in-ground, above-ground or halfway in between.


Hydropool 19 DTfX Swim Spa

HP15-2016 DTfX AT Topside Silver Marble Swim Spa

The Hydropool AquaTrainer 19 DTfx swim spa is a hot tub, gym, and swimming pool all in one. Available is both AquaTrainer and AquaSport models it is designed to satisfy the recreational exerciser to the serious athlete.  Entertain friends in the hot tub or sit back and watch the kids play in the swimming area.  This swim spa has the largest variety of uses. It is available with 3 shell options and 4 beautiful cabinet options.

Model:19 DTfX AquaSport or AquaTrainer
Product Line:self-cleaning
Outer Dimensions:226" x 93"
Volume:6670 litres & 1192 litres hot tub
Weight Full:9672 kg

Hydropool19 fX Swim Spa

HP15-2016 19fX AT Topside Swim Spa

Ideal for the everyday athlete with a larger family, the 19-foot Hydropool AquaSport 19 fX is the perfect backyard water park. Turn off the swim current and you’ve got a generously sized splash pool. Turn it on for a customized, full-body workout— swimming, jogging or water aerobics—or attach a harness to the multi-purpose anchor and hop on your boogie board. Four full-body massage hydrotherapy seats turn this swim spa into a true pool plus hot tub for entertaining family and friends.

With the AquaTrainer fX you can turn your backyard into a three-season swimmers’ paradise with this 19-foot swim spa showpiece. Dial down your maintenance and operating costs and dial up your workout with self-cleaning technology, NASA-inspired energy efficiency, patented super-powered swim jets and a swim tank that’s unmatched in the industry. Four full-body hydrotherapy seats are perfect for a post-exercise massage or relaxing with family and friends. When the workout is over and it’s time to play, turn on the Bellagio Hydrofalls or Northern Lights —two stunning feature options—to add to your backyard ambiance.

Model:19 fX AquaSport or AquaTrainer
Product Line:self-cleaning
Outer Dimensions:220" x 93"
Volume:9235 litres
Weight Full:10609 kg

Hydropool 17 fX Swim Spa

HP15-2016 17fX AT Topside Swim Spa

Combine fun and fitness with this all-in-one pool, swim spa and aquatic gym. The 17-foot Hydropool AquaSport 17fx offers the same generously sized swim tank as Hydropool’s other swim spa models, plus extra space for the rest of the family to float, play and relax. Two hydrotherapy seats provide the perfect way to wind down after a busy day or recover from your workout. A great fit for an active family, with all the benefits of a Hydropool swim spa, including self-cleaning technology and performance that exceeds California Energy Commission efficiency standards.

The 17-foot Hydropool AquaTrainer is designed for die-hard athletes and the rest of the family, too. Aquaflex current control—available on every AquaTrainer swim spa model—allows the flow speed to be customized for swimmers of different ages and abilities, increasing the appeal of the swim spa for every member of the household. The two ergonomic massage seats are truly ahh-inspiring after a hard workout…and may revolutionize your definition of quality couple time.

Model:17 fX AquaSport or AquaTrainer
Product Line:self-cleaning
Outer Dimensions:210" x 93"
Volume:8259 litres
Weight Full:9451 kg


HP15-2016 16ft AT Swim Spa

The AquaSport Swim Spa is a one-piece mini-pool that delivers the most fun and has the exercise benefits of the AquaTrainer at a more affordable price. The value packed AquaSport requires only one pump to operate the Hydrotherapy massage seats and uses an AquaCord swim-in-place harness in combination with swim jets for swimming resistance. Enjoy backyard living at its finest with a pool and a spa all in one.

The 16ft AquaTrainer has variable resistant, adjustable current stream, the thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises and two hydrotherapy massage seats. The AquaTrainer is a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one. The 16 foot AquaTrainer fits a more compact space and still allows you to swim, jog, exercise or play. It needs less space, costs less money and requires less maintenance than a conventional pool.

Model:16 fX AquaTrainer or AquaSport
Product Line:self-cleaning
Outer Dimensions:186" x 93"
Volume:7358 litres
Weight Full:8474 kg

Hydropool 14 iX Swim Spa

HP15-2016 14iX AT Topside Silver Marble Swim Spa

The perfect swim spa for individual use, the Hydropool AquaSport 14ix offers 14 feet of unobstructed space for recreational swimming, aqua fitness or laid back floating. Steps at one end of the pool can double as bench-style seating. Self-cleaning technology and a built-in floor vacuum come standard—and make maintenance a breeze.

The AquaTrainer 14ix is the ideal swim spa for the no-nonsense athlete looking for the convenience and flexibility of an at-home workout. Fourteen feet of uninterrupted swim tank comes with all the Hydropool swim spa essentials, including a tether-free, extra-wide swim lane and the most powerful swim jets on the market. It’s no surprise that AquaTrainer swim spas are the choice of major sports teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Model:14 iX AquaSport or AquaTrainer
Product Line:self-cleaning
Outer Dimensions:168" x 93"
Volume:6672 litres
Weight Full:7716 kg

Hydropool 14 fX Swim Spa

HP15-2016 14fX AT Swim Spa

Exercise your right to an affordable swim. This swim spa model offers full force family fun in a compact 14-foot package that can fit in most backyard spaces. The Hydropool AquaSport 14fx has a generously sized swim tank, suitable for the tallest swimmers (we’ve gotten rave reviews from guys 6’7”) and wee ones who just want to float and splash. Two ergonomic massage seats at one end of the pool are perfect for spectators, adult supervisors and to relax after a workout.

This 14-foot swim spa model puts the AquaTrainer’s most popular features in a compact swim spa that’s a perfect fit for today’s smaller urban spaces. Athletes will appreciate the power behind the AquaTrainer’s industry-leading patented swim jets (no tether required), extra wide swim lane (because no one swims perfectly straight) and tank design (which reduces turbulence and back splash). Increase the impact and appeal of your workout with a rowing kit or aqua fitness kit. Two full-body hydrotherapy seats are great for a post-workout massage or for a little down time with your honey.


Model:14 fX AquaSport or AquaTrainer
Product Line:self-cleaning
Outer Dimensions:174" x 93"
Volume:6536 Litres
Weight Full:7580 kg

Hydropool 12 fX Swim Spa

HP15-2016 12ft AquaPlay Swim Spa

The 12 foot AquaSport is perfect for the individual athlete.  Compact in size it fits in any backyard. Entrance from three sides allow customers lots of versatility when installing this unit.


The 12 foot AquaPlay is perfect for small family entertainment.  This Swim Spa comes with 8 lit, cascading waterfall jets for the kids to splash around in and easy access from 3 sides won’t interfere with your relaxation in the hydro-therapy seating while watching and enjoying your family time!

Model:12 fX AquaSport or AquaPlay
Product Line:self-cleaning
Outer Dimensions:150" x 93"
Volume:5635 litres
Weight Full:6535 kg