At Buds, we’ve been in the hot tub business since 1967. We’ve seen—and repaired—it all, from the back-to-basics redwood barrels of yesteryear to the high tech computerized cast acrylic spas of today.

We’ve got the smarts

Buds hot tub repair techs are full-time employees with specialized training in the complexities of modern spas. We’re superior diagnosticians who can call on our strong relationships with manufacturers when a challenging repair requires a team approach.

We’ve got the parts

Our service trucks are fully stocked with the highest quality universal parts and the usual suspects for common manufacturer-specific hot tub repairs. If you own an older tub or your fix requires a specialized part, we’ll source it as quickly as we can…but may recommend you purchase new equipment if that will save you money and aggravation in the long run.

We get it right the first time

Hot tubs are for soaking…not getting soaked. At Buds, our first priority is fixing your original problem, not introducing new ones. If we have to return a second or third time to repair your tub—which is a rarity—you’ll know it’s for good reason.

Our knowledge is your power

Depending on where you purchased your hot tub, you may not have received the kind of advice and follow-up most spa owners need to properly maintain their equipment and respond to problems when they arise. A Buds customer is an educated customer. If we service your hot tub, we’ll share valuable strategies that will add life to your equipment and could prevent a return visit down the road.

Let Buds take care of your hot tub’s regular maintenance so it’s always ready for action.

Hot tub cleaning service

Buds will drain your tub, wash it thoroughly and rinse the filter. As long as we have access to your home’s water we can refill it, even if you’re not home, allowing us to check that the tub restarts properly and take care of any issues that arise.

Hot tub closing service

If you’re not going to use your hot tub over the winter, having the highly trained techs at Buds close your tub will save you time and give you peace of mind. We’ll empty your tub of water, clean it, drain the lines, add anti-freeze to the lines, and winterize your equipment so your tub has the best chance of weathering southern Ontario’s harshest winters.

Hot tub opening service

When it’s hot tub season again, call Buds to open your tub. We’ll give it a thorough cleaning, flush the anti-freeze from the lines, refill the tub, and start it up to make sure no problems have developed over the time the tub was closed. If a small leak or an equipment problem surfaces, we’re already on site to take care of it immediately.

If you’ve never owned a hot tub before (or wonder what’s changed since you last owned one), a Buds hot tub orientation is an excellent investment.

In a single one-hour on-site session

You’ll learn the basics of hot tub maintenance and operation, including programming the tub, draining and cleaning it, and the principles of water chemistry. An experienced technician will alert you to common mistakes and share best practices. And because we’ve got a long history with most makes and models, we can give you tips and tricks to keep your particular hot tub running well and safely.